2018 Autumn Autos-dropped 8/27


You don’t necessarily need to foliar feed, but if you notice your girls are hungry between feedings, or if there’s a deficiency you want to take care of right away, then foliar feeding will help.


I’m just catching up on your journal here. Looking good :+1:

I missed another party? Maybe I should turn on my notifications or something lol


Started Monday’s meals for the QB girls & Jamaican Berry.

Transition Wk#1 Jberry, Blue Dream, and Pineapple Crack: 1.5 gal r/o water, 1.5 tbsp bloom, 1.5 tsp grow, 1.5 tsp catalyst, 1.5 tsp meta k, and 1 tsp microblast. Before feeding, I will add 1.5 tbsp Persephone & 2.25 tsp each of the root trio, and adjust pH to 6.4-6.5.

Transition Wk#2/Bloom#1 Blue Cheese & Sweet Tooth: 1 gal r/o water, 1.5 tbsp bloom, .5 tsp grow, 1 tsp catalyst, 1 tsp meta k, and 3/4 tsp microblast. Before feeding, I will add 1 tbsp Persephone & 1.5 tsp each of the root trio, and adjust pH to 6.4-6.5

I am watering everyone today. Will do a 50/50 mix of r/o & tap water, pH’d to 6.4-6.5. They’ll each get 8 cups or so


First, I need to warn everyone that my internet service has been almost non-existent from 9am-11pm,AK time, due to an influx of about 2k army people into our town (population: 800) for 2 weeks of training. The army post has its own high speed fiber optic internet, while my town struggles with some of the worst wireless & satellite internet you can find. Yet, all the damned trainees must leave their mobile internet on while they’re supposed be out in the field training, b/c there is absolutely zip left for any locals during the day.

Ok, rant over.


I’ll be feeding the QB girls & Jamaican Berry in just a few minutes.

It’s also time to spread them out in the tent, b/c they’re big enough to warrant more leg room. So, I’ll also be doing some light adjusting to make sure each girl gets a minimum of 30-35k lux, boosting that up to 45k lux by next week. I moved them around a bit during lights off, but this morning 2 of the girls are getting 5k lux lower than the others, so I need to go in there & find the best position for plants & lights.


Qb girls…that tall Blue Cheese is making adjusting plant spacing & light intensity difficult. I mean, all is going great, no issues, but its height is dictating the lights, right now. I MIGHT move the Jamaican Berry or Sour Melon to the qb tent, and put the Blue Cheese under its own blurple, like the Bloody Skunk.

Otherwise, all is well. Internet not letting me post pics, right now.


It sucks not having internet. During my travels as a truck driver I had occasions where I would be stuck for a weekend with no phone or internet signal. Its funny how much we rely on devices that for most of our lives would’ve sounded like science fiction movie devices. Now they’re so normal my kids won’t even know what life was like without them.


I didn’t have internet at all when I drove truck. Just DVDs on my laptop, and my guitar/amp. I put amp right where the tv would go lol


Even when we have a “good” signal, that means one bar of data…and standing in one of 3 spots in the house that get a signal. We don’t have house internet, only mobile internet on our phones. The only house internet available is dial-up or satellite.


There’s been a tent shake-up!

Sour Melon is now a QB Girl!

Blue Cheese is now a Blurple Girl!

Qb tent: wattage up to 265, lights at 21"; calculated at 405 umol/s. I plan on getting that up to flower levels by late next week, slowly but surely, by eventually dropping light down to 18" & cranking my watts up to 300+.

Blurple tent: The photometer doesn’t work on leds, but I can at least use it to check that all plants are getting the same level of visible light. Everyone is equal to Bloody Skunk. I figure since she’s doing so well, I could use her light level as the standard.


I was going to say you could get a signal booster for phones but I think the one we had required a high speed data connection to work. But might be worth looking into other signal boosters for cell. If there’s one without needing internet it could really help. Ours made it from where I had one bar in my house to max bars. They’ve since upgraded a tower somewhere so we don’t use it anymore.


We’ve looked into everything, trust me.:grinning:

We just had a new service provider out here to see if we could get a signal from them. We would need a 55 ft pole installed in order to gain access. At&t told us we’d need a 75 ft pole. We’ve borrowed a few boosters to see if they’d work at our house, but because of the dense tree cover around our house, we have a heck of a time getting signals, no matter what we do.

It’s really a huge draw back, out here. We are so remote, we rely on our internet for most of our shopping, to take care of paperwork, to do school work, download memes, to grow weed…you know, the important things.


So, Sunday am, before I left the house, everyone was excellent. When I got back at 5pm, Sour Melon looked droopy. I honestly didn’t think too much of it, b/c I didn’t have time to do anything about it at the moment. The next morning, she was still droopy.

I figured they were thirsty since they were only given a small watering Saturday. Soil was dry, using the finger test, too. So, I gave her 10 cups of h2o Monday. After a few hours, she perked up a bit, but not to her previous splendor. I moved her to the qb tent Monday afternoon.

Her last feeding was Thursday 10/11. I do see her petioles are light pink. That’s usually a sign of phosphorus deficiency, right? However, I had just fed her a nice dose of bloom nutes. Think I could risk one last foliar feed with her or do you think I should give her a dose of phosphorus via soil drench next watering? Or, do you all think she just needs more water ran through her regularly?

She was screened & lst’d, so she’s got a lot of plant matter & bud sites. I’m thinking I have just been under-watering her for her overall size, and it finally caught up to her? She’s been getting the same amount of h2o as the other older girls, 8-10 cups every other day or so. I was planning on upping it to 12 cups this week. Usually by mid flower, I try to water close to a gallon every couple days. Maybe for her, I need to up that amount faster?

I’m going to go check on them, now that lights are back on: She looks a little less droopy, but she’s still drooping. She’s better than she was Sunday, for sure.

@raustin, what do you think?


And, here are the blurples. Jamaican Berry is pretty damned bushy, too, but she’s showing no sign of droop.

Blue Cheese seems happy in her new home.

Bloody Skunk is busy stacking up buds.


I think you’re underwatering. Why aren’t you watering to runoff? You should. I would also give her a feeding instead of the foliar feed.


I’ll go ahead and get her some extra food, today. That extra food comes with water, so both bases covered.

10 cups usually goes through & I get some drips out of the bottom. This is my first time using 5 gallon pots, so I know I’m still in my 3 gallon pot mentality. I was already planning on increasing water, now that bloom is in full swing.

I gotta admit, juggling 7 different strains can be a real pain, but harvest time makes it worth it.


Ten cups isn’t enough for a 5 gallon pot. Just drench her!

Oh, and don’t forget you’re in Promix now! Lol I almost forgot, but it requires more water.


I know, lady, I know. So far, this is the first water issue I’ve had. It won’t happen again! :grinning:

I have a gallon of water mixed with 2 tbsp bloom, 1.5 tsp catalyst, and 1 tbsp meta k, pH’d to 6.5. Not bubbling these nutes. Taking her to the tub to do this.


Oh, and daaaaaayum, does she smell f#$king amazing!


I decided to give Sweet Tooth the same treatment. They both smell amazing.