2018 Autumn Autos-dropped 8/27


Scrog her in a 2x2. She can be handled almost like a photoperiod plant. She has a solid 4 weeks before pistils get in the way.

I plan on topping/fimming then scrogging her.


The only 2x2 I see are only 48" tall. That seems like it would be tough on height? I will have to measure a tote and I’ll do a mini RDWC since I only need a $10 tote and a air pump. But I can put the reservoir outside the tent. Just need to ensure I have the height.


For a scrog, you control the height. Still, 48" is short. A 3x3 would be monster! DO IT!


Hold on…a 2x4 at 5 feet should be good. I have one, but shipping would cost sooooo much.


This is true. Probably more to ship it then to buy one with free shipping from Amazon.



Well, I knew it would one day come to this, I just thought it would wait til I turned 80.

Seems that my trapezius, one of the banes of my existence, has started acting up, from what I assume is from the repetitive motion of lifting my bong. It could be from all the bread I’ve been making too.

See…this is my life. Others injure themselves in exciting ways (fall off scaffolding, kama sutra, horse kicked them, knife fight, etc), but I injure myself smoking a bong or kneading bread dough.

My wife can never know this could be a bong related injury. Especially if it leads to…well, I’m not even going to jinx myself.


T-minus 00:15:21:00 til Jamaican Berry Super Auto gets chopped!

Tomorrow at 8am, the Grow portion of this journal will officially end.


10 hours and counting now!


I’ll be up in just a few hours. The minute I can harvest (I think it’ll be around 7am), I will. I also want to get up early to try this new weed peanut butter cup recipe. I’ll make a new batch of budder, then make the candies. Should stink up the house in a glorious way!


Haha I love peanut butter cups.


Going to use the last of the Bloody Skunk & some Pineapple Crack. An ounce of bud to a 1/2 cup of ghee. About 25-30 servings.

Edit: instead of PC, going to use Sour Melon larf.


Does Jamaican Berry have a clue that today will be her last day in soil? I can hear the little whimpers all the way from here😁.


She’s in one of those doomsday cults, like Heaven’s Gate. She thinks she’s going to meet her maker, soon.

Oh, yeah, she is.


Well her wish is your command :wink:


I can imagine Betty sniffing resin covered :scissors: Rn


You make my belly hurt laughing so hard…well being stoned also but that’s hilarious. Oh I didn’t intend to laugh at your suffering. Just the bong related part. Anxious to see the harvest and the PB cups :v:


Let’s go exacerbate my repetitive bong injury! @GreenJewels @PurpNGold74 @Missiles @raustin @DoobieNoobie @budbrother @greenthunder and any other pothead reading

Click on pic! One cola down, only about a dozen left:


Wow! That is an awesome cola! And you have 11 more to go with it? Damn nice Harvest you’re going to be trimming for hours :wink:


Days, girl, days. :joy::joy::joy::joy::heart_eyes: