2018 Autumn Autos-dropped 8/27



They really look good and healthy and nice variety you have going. That sour melon seems like she’s going to be a winner. But that pineapple crack looks like a cutie herself



Have you noticed that the ones that start out small normally are the most potent ones. Maybe it’s just me but that’s what it seems like.


Thanks, @Onlythebest79! They could be better, though! I really hope the Pineapple Crack does well, b/c I want to try it so badly.

Here’s a collage showing growth since Monday am. I like doing this with pics b/c you can really see the growth & progression of your plants (and problems).


I think on the 10th I sprayed the plants a bit too much with unpH’d tap water (my brain wasn’t working right that day, I think). The next am, before feeding, the JBerry’s leaves were showing issues, as was Bloody Skunk, Sweet Tooth, and even Blue Dream.


The girls started their 20/4 lighting this morning: off at 1am, on at 5am


The final 48
(Before the chop)


Transplanted Jamaican Berry, Bloody Skunk, and Sour Melon into their 5 gallon fabric pots using Promix Bx & 15% perlite. I placed 2 ml Piranha into each pot, popped the cowpot into the pot (right on top of piranha), then watered in around the cowpot with a solution of ro water, Tarantula & Voodoo, pH’d to 6.3.

I raised the babies up so they’re just about at the same height as the toddlers: bigger girls are 25" from the light, while the smaller ones are 26" from the light.

Starting next Monday, I will begin SLOWLY lowering the lights down to 18"-20", then after a week or so, I’ll begin cranking up the driver. It should go without saying that I will adjust everything according to their needs, not my well thought out plans. :grinning:



Well thought out plans never seem to go as planned LOL They certainly become a bit bossy about what they want, don’t they LOL

You’re girls are coming along nicely


Ahhh, I see what you did there. They look happy.


My grow room smells deliciously of clean earth!


Yes, the Promix has a very clean smell.


Hey @raustin and @blackthumbbetty my foxfarm ocean forest soil smells of delicious earth also :thinking: Whose smells better? Lol


The Promix smells better, it smells really fresh. My Foxfarm doesn’t have much of a smell at all.


I like this smell better than the few brands of organic soil I’ve used. It really is fresh & clean smelling. My grow room is actually my cats’ room. The Promix aroma has made everything smell really pleasant.

I clean the cat boxes very often, but with 5 cats, it’s a Sisyphean battle.


Well I can’t put up an argument because I haven’t used promix but will take you ladies advice on it. I wish you could put your phone in the room and I could smell what you smelling


That feature would be almost exclusively used circa harvest. Pfft that soil promix beef. Lemme smell the bud porn :joy::rofl:


Last night, at midnight, I decided to start the Girls’ next meal a-bubblin’. I popped my head into the tent & noticed some crazy growth on the smallest four, and noticed the Bloody Skunk & Sour Melon looked hungry, so I figured Monday would be meal day.

To 1/2 gallon r/o water I added: 5ml grow, 3ml catalyst, 1.25ml bloom, and .5ml microblast. I’m going to let it bubble until Monday morning, then I’ll add 1/2tbsp Persephone’s Palate & pH it all to 6.3-6.4.


Girls all fed. I gave the big girls approximately 3 cups each, plus a cup of plain 6.4 pH water, and the babies got 2tbsp of food & about 4tbsp plain pH’d water.

I lowered the light to 24". Tomorrow, I will either lower it another inch or gently increase intensity by 10 or so watts. What increments do you all use when adjusting your qb power in early veg?

The problem girls, SweetTooth & Pineapple Crack, are doing just swell, now! They’re still smaller than the others, of course, b/c they’re 2 days behind.


Looking good, lady! I just started feeding today.