2018 Autumn Autos-dropped 8/27


I have to be honest… i was rooting against a photo update today :wink::joy:


Lol! Happy to disappoint!


Sweet! I’m dropped a new girl last night…I forgot to place my heating pad sensor so I might have cooked it lol. Whelp, I’ll find out in a few hours! Are you doing an auto or a photo?


All autos, right now. Easier to grow w/o much worrying about light leaks.


Updated Jamaican Berry harvesting plan:

  1. Tuesday (today)–flush with florakleen & ice cold water, then drill;
  2. Friday–start darkness at 8pm & continue til harvest;
  3. Sunday–harvest at 8pm & liesurely trim all Sunday & Monday (house to myself til 8pm Monday);
  4. Monday–grow officially over, except for smoke reports.


Ya got my last like :smiley:


Thank you, kindly!


:thinking: it says I’m out but let’s me have them, that’s weird.
That sounds like a great plan. Leisure trimming is best


Curing: just do it.

These last few grows of doing 6 or 7 different strains at once have really taught me the importance of curing.

This harvest, I have 3 plants that started out smelling & tasting like killer weed from the start, and 3 plants that started with strong, yet not entirely pleasant flavors. All 6 are curing, now.

The 3 problem children:

Sweet Tooth started out extremely minty tasting & smelling. After a week, there’s still a hint of mint on the end of the exhale, but it’s a vast improvement in only a week. Plus, she’s smelling less minty & has more of a sweet, generic pot smell.

Sour Melon started out flavorless & odorless. After a day or 2, it developed a strong patchouli flavor but still no smell. Yesterday, it tasted less like patchouli & more like very rich soil, almost too earthy. Today, after less than a week of curing, it’s starting to taste like what I had hoped it would & smells funkier every day.

The Pineapple Crack is only just beginning to cure. Her flavor isn’t bad, per se, but it’s kind of a bitter, acerola cherry flavor. She does have Cherry Malawi in her genes (I think). I like cherry. I’d be fine with that, if it was sweeter. I won’t taste her again for a few days.

Can’t wait to see what the Cure still has in store for these three! The other 3 are mellowing & becoming more complex, if that makes any sense. Becoming more of what they already were, but also less.

I gotta stop smoking for a minute. I think I’m high.




Reminds me of that scene in Suicide Squad when the joker is breaking Harley out :joy::joy:


Reminds me of last night.




This weekend, I think I’m going to make some weed infused peanut butter cups. Found a good recipe.


Oooh that sounds yummy.


Maybe you could share that recipe? I love peanut butter cups :grin: good morning :v:


Let me try it out first. If it gets my seal of approval, I’ll definitely share it!


CannaReese cups??? :eyes::eyes: im in!


I’m making them Sunday. If they turn out, I’ll hook you up.


I use pretty much the same soak/sink,rapidrooter, propagation tray method but I saw 2 major differences in your technique and I think that explains another difference with the actual growth that I desire in mine.
The 1st diff is your rooter plug by Fri was looking a little dry and by Sat it was definitely drier than I let mine get. The second diff is you pop with the lights on and I pop in the dark switching my light on after the 1st 24 hrs above breaking the surface.
The results are that your cots and first leaves appear what looks to me like maybe a half inch above the plug surface so your branches, nodes will start lower than mine(mine being about 1.25" where yours are .5") which is what I desire.
I will do my next germ/start your way. Definitely. Thanks BTB.