2018 Autumn Autos-dropped 8/27



When I seen first pic was about to ask if road was collapsing.


Anchorage, Palmer, and Wasilla have a lot of road damage. Hard to deal with this time of year in AK.


Booo, that would suck anywhere. Especially there!


That’s scary stuff. Looks like that white car barely avoided disaster.


This is why i even got on here!!! Fml ima pothead. We were smoking watching the news this morning and i saw it. First thought? BETTY!!! I hop on my phone. Start playing clash royale… (ikr its a morning tradition dont judge me) ok i hop online and start doin all kinda ilgm ish except check on u. 2 hrs later i see you slept thru it 21 hrs ago :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: moral of the story. Pot saves lives :+1:t5:


Glad to hear you’re ok @blackthumbbetty! I haven’t been on here in a while but wanted to check in on you. Spent most of yesterday checking on friends in AK. Pretty impressive you slept through it but it sounds like you and yours are safe and that’s all that matters! Friends in Fairbanks said it shook THEM pretty good; so I can imagine what Anchorage was like. Creeps me out. I went through Loma Prieta in Oakland and I left after that - it was all I could take of the ground shaking and houses riding the seismic wave and sliding off foundations!


Ok hindsight looking at the photos that was scary. And had to be some potent stuff. I agree definitely Label worthy


Yesterday, Jamaican Berry was given 1 gal of tap water pH’d to 5.5. No runoff.

I’m guessing 3 weeks left on her. I swear on my left boob that I’ll post pics tomorrow.


I prefer the right… but will take the left if u fail to post… also damn 3 more weeks!!! Sheesh


After closer inspection today, I think it may be closer to 1 or 2 weeks. No more food for her. I will flush, drill, and then harvest her by 12/14/18/day 106. She will get a 3 day dark period, as well.


Can’t zoom in the pics, so I can’t say, but she still looks great.


Wow those are great autos. I didn’t know you had a journal…I spend too much time in the Green Bar Zone


I also installed some blackout fabric over the air vents connecting the two tents. Babies need light, Jberry needs dark. Baby tent in my new grow will have a clip-fan exhaust the first 2 weeks, just like this grow did. Jberry is safe from light leaks.

When I’m ready, I just have to remove the covers, remove the clip fan, and shut a few vents. Very easy to separate the tents w/o separating them. They’re duct taped together, so…yeah…

Also, Pineapple Crack is finally starting to cure. She stayed wet for a while, with her thick ass nugs.


I have a new grow starting today, too!


Terrible time to run out of likes. She’s a beast. I can’t wait to hear how she smokes too. Does she have any fruity smell to her?


No, unfortunately, she has a hazy smell. Blech. I hope she doesn’t have too hazey of a flavor.

Honestly, though, my exhaust is on high, so I’m probably not getting too much of her good smells. Plus, I have 9 oz of various other strains burping right now. Lotsa smells.


Yeah true. And her scent will probably change with time and curing anyways.


Yes, it will. Absolutely. I try not to judge weed until it’s cured for at least a week.


Well I hope she’s good. You’re my personal pre taster since I’m doing the same stuff :joy::rofl: