2018 Autumn Autos-dropped 8/27


No they don’t use drones here. Luckily, it’s time to order groceries anyway.


Oh fudge, I do not likey.


We do everything with drones, up here.


Broke bongs suck

Pineapple CrackBaby is in the brownies??

N delivery drones are kinda cool. But i might just be high


A bit of everyone is in some candy. Some candy which had me sleep through a 6.5 earthquake! Seriously. I slept through a pretty major & close earthquake. The entire oil pipeline got shutdown from the quake.


We really don’t.


Wow I’m not sure whether that’s impressive or scary lol.


Impressive, for me, b/c I’m usually kind of paranoid about quakes.


Well i’d definitely say it’s potent stuff lol


So strong, you’ll sleep through major earthquakes!


Lol that’s a selling point worthy of packaging labels :grin::joy::rofl:


Btw, your Bloody Skunk looks magnificent!


Thanks they’re definitely impressing the hell out of me.


Something definitely happened to mine to stunt her. Still impressed with her smoke, but not her yield. Your Bloody Skunk is going to have an impressive yield.


I really thought the front one was going to be my big one and she’s still the better looking one (color wise) but that back one just refuses to stop growing. And she’s packing on pistils everywhere at the same time. I’m blown away by it.


I see all these growers striving for their 30%+ amber trichs, and I’m over here floating miles above everyone on my amberless cloud of happiness.

I like my head to feel like it’s disconnected from my body.

Couch-lock weed just makes me fill my mouth hole with food & fall asleep. While that is one of my favorite past-times, I prefer not to fallout from a smoke session.


That’s the kind of high I want to strive for in my first grow here.


Get it nice & ripe. Not over, not under, just right. I love overripe pears, but not overripe weed.

White Widow should be a mind blower at all cloudy. Your head will be around the world in 80 days.


Yes my brother just harvested some White Widow and gave me a couple buds. That stuff is pretty good that’s for sure. I’m enjoying it​:dash::dash:


My wife sent this to me. Her job often uses helicopters to access valves & such. Today, they shot this while flying.