2018 Autumn Autos-dropped 8/27


Oh, licking the bowl is the best high!


I probably licked about a 1/2 serving’s worth, so this should be a good test run.


They weren’t kidding about Pineapple Crack. That’s zippy!

Hold on…I think the bowl lickings just kicked in.


Edit: you can really taste the Cherry Malawi (I think that’s one of the strains). Kind of kirsh vasser-y.

Edit #2:


Those look beautiful and delicious.


Glad you think so! :grinning:. Did you see how dark the butter was? I thought it was chlorophyll, but the chocolate tastes like weed, not green, know what I mean?


That picture looks like it belongs in a cook book.


Won’t lie, it took a minute or 2 to find the right angle. :grin:


Well, you got the right angle then. It looks gorgeous and you picked the perfect plate for it.


Why, thank you!

Also, I just broke my bong.


Oh no! Surely, it’s not your only bong.


My only real bong. I have a homemade gravity bong (lol!), but that’s it.


My room smells like 3 day old bong water.

Also, I “fixed” it!

Epoxy already hardened. In 2 days, I’ll sand it down a little bit & make it look purty.


You are very handy. I just throw broken bongs away.


It was an easy fix, so might as well fix it. The stem on the bong snapped off, as well as a bit of the bong. The pipe stem didn’t break! So, a little putty later, I’ve got my bong, battle scars and all.

Testing it now. Wanna join me?


I’m in…


Blue Dream loaded.


I’m back to joints.


It works perfect!


You should paint it, or put little sculptures on it.


I wish I had some hemp wraps, myself. I love relaxing with one. No lighter. No water-filled glass vessel.