2018 Autumn Autos-dropped 8/27


I forgot pics today, again. I’m not doing it deliberately, I swear.

Fed Jamaican Berry today. Her pH in was 4.2, pH out was 6.5. Her buds are developing nicely. Leaves look like crap.

Pretty sure I just let her dry out too much the one day, and it caused some damage, on top of her previously damaged leaves. Maybe some calcium issues, too. Gave a good dose of calcium today.


Dont feel bad. Im actually contemplating watering in the dark, on the table. Just a 16 oz bottle or so. Hopefully no runoff. Forgot to water today so will be DEFINITELY doing so at lights on




Good morning! I fell asleep sitting up on the couch. So, now it’s 4am, I’m awake, and the wife is getting ready for work.

I’m thinking today’s a good day to make edibles. As soon as she’s gone, time to cook!


I think I work with that guy! Lol


Morning Betty. Hows that lovely J Berry looking?


It’s still her bedtime til 8am. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ahhh. Damn timezones.


It’s only 6:42am, my way


Going on 10am here. Thinking bout lunch n ur up at the ascrack of dawn


I woke up at 4am, today, too. :angry:

Oh, well, budder is cooking. I’m baked. You’re going for lunch, soon. Things are ok. :grinning:


U going for super strength, knock out cookies? Or nice buzz cookies?


I put 400 grams of trim/sugar leaves with 1/2 cup of butter. Gonna make 30 or so servings of chocolate. With how snowy this trim is, I hope they’re nuclear strength.


Hahaha love it!


How I did the budder & chocolates today:

  1. Used 300+grams of dried sugar leaves & trim, and 100+grams semi-dry sugar leaves and trim~400+grams total

  2. Pressure cooked it using 1qt h20 for 5 mins; stirred it, then added 1 stick softened, unsalted butter (I usually use clarified), and cooked for 5 more mins; stirred it, then cooked it for a final 30 minutes; this both decarbs & extracts the goodstuff

  3. I strained it, chilled it, and skimmed as much fat and sludge (yep, even the stuff we usually try to avoid) off the top into a pyrex cup

  4. Decided to try something I just read about–I bet it’s old news to most of you–and “rinse” the budder to improve taste & really collect as much of the good stuff as possible; I gently warmed the budder/sludge mix so it was just starting to remelt, then poured enough boiling water over it to equal a cup; I’m currently waiting for the budder to resolidify; once it resolidifies, I’ll separate the budder from the water & use the budder right away, but others will do another “rinse” cycle or 2

  5. Once ready, I’ll mix the budder with 1½ cups chocolate chips (¾ 62%dark, ¼ semi-sweet) & 1.5 tbsp instant espresso, then pour into cocoa powder dusted molds, making 30+ single servings.

I’m hoping these will be stronger than my last batch of chocolates. They were great for others, but I needed 2 for a buzz & 3 to get silly.

I’ll attach pics of the finished project in a little while.

Disc of budder & cocoa’d mold. Ooooh, so much action in these shots!


I sometimes make budder with water too using my magic butter machine. It allows you to make smaller amounts that way, I’ve never noticed a difference though.


Exactly. The trim had a huge volume, and 1/2 stick of butter definitely wasn’t going to cut it. Lol!

I just set the cup outside.


That machine is like an Italian stovetop espresso maker, but it has some sort of stirring mechanism, right? Or have I been misrepresenting that product to myself?


Yep, that’s exactly what it is. It stirs it for you which is why I like it.


I bought one of those regular espresso makers, thinking I could try it for budder. For the life of me, I couldn’t get it to pressurize. That’s what inspired me to try a pressure cooker. The only downside is no stirrer. I think by doing 2-3 short cycles, that helps.

I licked the bowl & I think I’m getting ready to be really high. I think you’ll like these.