2018 Autumn Autos-dropped 8/27


It’ll be a chance to see different phenotypes or if they’re really stable genetics they’ll all be similar.


I definitely recommend having some sort of trellis system in place, if you don’t scrog. The side branches are insane. My screen is going to be ridiculously large, but small enough I’ll still be able to lift the pot & maneuver it.


I can’t believe…10+oz with one auto plant? Insane! That is mindblowing!


Awww u know u wanna. Just a poke?


It is indeed @blackthumbbetty but not outside my wheelhouse.
My last harvest of a blueberry auto was 8.8zips and the previous harvest from 3 autos was 9.6 and 8.6 and 6.9 or an 8.47 ounce avg.
This one ups my game leaving me with an auto average of 9.08 zips/plant.

I know a couple growers that I studied before buying autopots that avg closer to a pound per plant than I and my goal is a one lb auto hahahaha


What size is your grow space? Did you figure out how many grams per watt you’re getting?


I think you’re moving in the right direction towards that goal lol.


I don’t know how I’ll do that unless I shut off part of my system and give it 2 plants worth of space. I’m hoping I can pull off the new tent and light before it gets to big to move around.


I do not know that number g/watt as I add and subtract lights and have modified lights that @dbrn32 helped me upgrade.

My tent was 39"x39"x60" for all grows except this most recent when I upgraded to a 48x48x82" tent. This was also my first grow with only one plant in the tent. I started with 3 plants in that 39x39 space and that was impossible. Then two grows with 2 plants, still very crowded with little light to lower parts.

This last grow with 1 plant was the ticket. Entire plant ripe down to the bottom. That was a BIG difference.


Yeah, definitely one plant scrogged is the way to go. Your numbers are just mind boggling though, and you don’t even know how many watts you’re really running. Lol!


1 10oz plant is definitely the way to go!


Also, this:


I could go back into my journals and tell you but all of my grows have been with china blurples (galaxy hydro 300w leds) and I have a lot of them. Actual wall wattage was something I kept track of initially realizing it’s a poor measurement with leds.

This last grow consisted of two 400w cobs each pulling about 98 watts from the wall, 2 GH led’s pulling 120w so total 436 watts which was much less than I was running before the cobs.

I also don’t consider my square feet to be 4x4 as the neg pressure reduces that by approx 3-4 inches square.


It works for me!!

I grew a 17 ounce pineapple in the backyard this summer!! I got money in the bank!!!



Woooooow. You’re magic.


Very nice! I’m a Mountain Man at heart love to drive, hike and sled in the mountains which are visible from here but not that close.


Lucky really, lost two autos to mold outside which opened up the garden for the pineapple which was a clone gifted by @Willd

Bucket o bud


Such a lovely sight!