2018 Autumn Autos-dropped 8/27


Are you going to do the landrace sativa?


When does it start?

Landrace :grin::grin:


January 1st.


I don’t have room to scrog but I figure it’s a good one to get practice topping. And maybe fim a side branch just to test that out to.


Yes, ma’am! On my wall plan, I actually have the landrace in the “autopot”.


Excellent! That’s gonna be a nice grow to watch.


I’m hoping that by planting everything but the 2 big girls next week, Fastberry & Bloody Skunk will be ready before Jberry & LR really turn into monsters. Even scrogged, they’re going to take up loads of space.


Yeah, i’m thinking this landrace is going to be a monster plant, gonna have to SCROG her.


If you didn’t scrog her…lolololol! Can you imagine?!


The seedbank didn’t give much info, so I’m kind of guessing at a 12-16wk flowering period, too. What do you think?


There’s really no choice in how to grow her.


12-16 week flowering, really? Damn, that’s a long time! That’s longer than Mona took.



I posted that just for the bit about landrace sativa grow times. Fairly sure you know about sativas!


Thanks for the kind words, all of you. You too can grow huge auto’s!!
@blackthumbbetty I ordered megacrop too. I’ve read good things about it and it’s cooperation with tiny autopot water lines soooo, it will be feeding my landrace plant too.

A friend who is computer illiterate asked me to order him Kilamanjaro. He is a medical grower. He has harvested several of them and says the strain is a big hit.


I was hookd the firsttime i red the description. I had head of Black Magic or Urjiri or something. This supposedly witchdoctor motherland strain. When i found it n saw ‘elephant hunter’ it was mandatory.

Plus being in Mississippi, i need something that can take a humid, hot beatdown.emphasized text


Trying to get @greenthunder to join us with her new pot & a JBerry.

No pressure or anything.


I’m not touching that.


Lol a super auto 3 way battle royale!


Lol! That sounds fun.