2018 Autumn Autos-dropped 8/27


That’s not bad. I was thinking Walmart. I’ll check both and compare.


Congrats on harvest, glad you got some really good density out of at least some of them.


Oh, all of them are dense! Qb & blurple tent. Love the qb for sure! My best grow, yet! Thanks to your light advice, raustin’s cheerleading, and this forum as a whole!!

I’m really excited!!! Can you tell?!!




Hahahaha, sure!


Nope. I think u need a few more !!!’s


Just saw screwauger’s latest harvest weight from one plant. Yeah, I’ve gotta get that diy poor man’s autopot up and running for my next grow.

I salute you and your buds, @screwauger!


He does an amazing job with those autopots.


I know right. When I grow up I wanna be just like him :joy::rofl:


Just put an order in for a sample of that mega crop stuff. I’m going to use it during the 1st run of the diy bucket set-up this coming grow. It’s not an organic nute, but to go organic w/ this system, I have to start with a few more pieces of gear, so organic will wait til the fall.

Not sure which strain to try it on. Maybe even go all in for the grow-off? dastardly twirling my mustache


I am lusting after his plants. My loins are on fire.


Hey! He has a sausage too! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


My battery is dying! Ahhhhhh!


His plants are all woman, baby!


Greatest two quotes of all time lol :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Just another reason to :heart: I​:heart:GM


Would make good tshirts. Would also make no sense, but still.


Lol yeah I’m gonna say it won’t end up on a ILGM shirt anytime soon lol


Yes, do it for the grow off!


I agree on using it for the grow off. You use that and I’ll grow my j berry in a DWC bucket. We can drop seeds at the same time then compare results at the end.


Yes! Let’s do that!

I’m going to top & scrog mine, as well.