2018 Autumn Autos-dropped 8/27


Finish trimming Pineapple Crack & Sour Melon. Sour Melon has quite a bit of larf b/c I didn’t trim under the canopy at all. So far, it’s the only plant with any truly larfy buds. Very happy about that.

PC on left & Sour Melon on right:

Also prepped JBerry’s food for tomorrow. Since her pH has been fine, I decided to bubble a stronger mix: 1.5 gals h20, 2.5 tbsp bloom, 2 tsp each microblast, meta k, and catalyst. Tomorrow, before feeding, I’ll add 1.5 tsp of Nirvana & 1.5 tsp of Demeter’s Destiny. I’ll post pics of her tomorrow. I still have to move my trim table.


Another tree falls. Id give my left :basketball: for that PC right now. Intrigued is an understatement


Did you google it? Top Shelf Elite Seeds. It should be great smoke.


Not yet. Ive learnd the hard way. Order once. Get more freebies. :joy::rofl:


@raustin look at my girls!


Wow, that’s a beautiful harvest! Congratulations, lady.


So far, weight wise, I’m under my goals, but that’s only with 4 plants counted. I think these 2 I just harvested are going to be 2oz each.


They look at least 2oz each. I think more like 3.


The Blue Dream came out to 2.25 oz, but all the others came out to just over an oz each. I’d love for the 2 hanging to weigh 3oz+ each!


Those are some nice, fat buds.


That Pineapple Crack is solid.


Sorry, decided to delete that over here. :grinning:


Looks awesome. I bet it smells like heaven in there right now. Good call on the stronger food for j berry. I bet that’s what she’s wanting.


Every grow, at least one plant does this. My first 2 grows, every plant did this. I hope her flavor isn’t ruined.

I’m at the point where I care more about flavor than potency. I smoke so much, I don’t necessarily need powerful weed, but I do need something enjoyable to smoke. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer strong & delicious. Absolutely! However, if I screwed-up JBerry, I hope she at least will taste good, even if she’s weak.

I gotta start being more concise in these posts, don’t I? Sometimes, I feel like Mojojojo.


Lol no I get what you mean. Besides you don’t want to go through all this craziness we call fun and not get rewarded. Anyone can grow weed but growing good weed is what we’re after.


I wanna grow weed that makes a person go, “DAMN!”, after a hit.


Haha yep that’s what I’m after. I’ll get there not to sure this grow will get it done but it’ll damn sure be enjoyable just for the fact it’s mine.


It’s really a content feeling to know my weed jar’s full of weed I grew myself.


Shit I need jars lol. I’ll have to start collecting a few more. Only have a couple now and I’m hoping to need more than I have.


I bought a 12 pack of wide mouth quart jars from Amazon for 18 bucks. This was last year, though.