2018 Autumn Autos-dropped 8/27

Welcome to my 3rd journal on this forum! I’m starting this journal 2 weeks or so before the actual grow begins so I have a place to discuss a few details I haven’t yet finalized, and because I’m so freaking excited to get this next grow going.

I plan on getting everything up and running on September 4, 2018.

The Grow:

Strains: Flash Seeds’ Jamaican Berry Super Auto, Big Buddha’s Blue Cheese, Critcal Mass Collective’s Sour Melon, Fastbuds’ Blue Dream, Sweet Seeds’ Bloody Skunk, Seedsman’s Sweet Tooth, and Top Shelf Elite’s Pineapple Crack

Grow Area: 2 tents, each 2.5x5x7, inside my house

Tent A–900-1200w Galaxyhydro blurples (actual draw 390-520w)
Tent B–hlg 320xl v2 quantum board kit

Nutrition: Earth Juice 5 Originals (Grow, Bloom, Catalyst, Meta K, Microblast, and powdered pH adjusters, if needed); Advanced Nutrients’ Root Trio (Voodoo, Piranha, and Tarantula); Advanced Nutrients’ Nirvana; and NFTG’s Persephone’s Palate. I will be bubbling the Earth Juice line for approximately 30 hours, before use. Florakleen is in my cupboard, too, but I doubt I’ll need it during this grow

Pots & Medium: 5 gallon fabric pots & promix (though, it’s proving hard to find & expensive in my area, so I might go with sunshine mix#4…thoughts on this are appreciated)

Training/grow method: I plan on topping/fimming the jamaican berry super auto & scrogging it in a 28"x22" screen; I plan on scrogging the sour melon & blue dream without doing any hst in 28"x22" screens; all others will be left to grow, with pruning & trimming done as needed

Ventilation: the 2 tents will be connected, sharing the same ventilation system; tent b will be used as a passive intake tent, while tent a will house the 390cfm adjustable fan & carbon filter; each tent will also be equipped with a clip fan & an oscillating fan

Germination method: I will drop seeds in an h2o/h2o2 bath for 12 hours or so, then put them in rapid rooters inside a heated, domed germination station; tent b will be the nursery tent, using the qb light

I have to still put up my new tent, get my qb light in the mail (should arrive in 3 days), and pick-up a potting mix such as Promix or Sunshine Mix#4. Otherwise, I’m ready to go!

If you have any thoughts on the 2 potting mixes, please lay them on me. I will be picking up 2 bales of whichever one you all talk me into in 2 weeks.

Here’s to a great Autumn Harvest!

Edit: dropped seeds 8/27


Set to watching although it should be lurking in the corner, lol. Sorry no I’m put on promix I use coco. I too will be starting a qb journal for a sea of green type grow all my mother’s are vegging out now


I’m not sure if all off the nutrients you are using are Organic or not @blackthumbbetty, but I would definitely recommend Biobizz for a potting mix which is called (Biobizz Light-Mix) or, there full fertilised soil is (Biobizz All-Mix)“this one not for seedlings” they are both 100% Organic. I have never used anything else mate I love the stuff, and both of those that I have mentioned have also got perlite mixed through them also, in any way I’m along for the ride and setting to watching for sure and I wish you the best off luck possible with your grow :v:️. If you would like any further information on the Biobizz please just ask mate.

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I’m trying to start with a clean slate for a medium. Plus, that stuff is harder to find & even more expensive than promix, up here. Maybe next year, I’ll try a hot mix again, or maybe I try making one, myself. Thanks for the suggestion, though! :grinning:

I am trying to go organic & hope I did well re:bottled amendments & such. I’m not going crazy into organics, yet, just changing my mind set & additive regime, to start. I’m reading a few books that focus on microbes & the soil food web, now. I’m betting that next year’s grows are going to be quite a bit more intensely organic.

Welcome aboard! I hope it’s a fun ride!


I completely understand mate shipping cost can hit more than the items themselves which is a bit s**t but what can we do. I almost forgot again, what a line up off strains you have to get going I’m definitely looking forward to following along with you to see them grow and blossom class :+1:.

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Yup im onboard for watching as well. Put that black thumb to work Ms Boop.

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This grow, I’m going for terpene overload! I want my tastebuds & olfactory nerves to orgasm after every toke, and my brain cells to feel all warm & fuzzy from the various effects of all those amazing terpenes!

I chose strains with intense flavors & aromas, as well as those that are recommended for depression, socializing, & anxiety. I chose one or two to help me while I’m writing, too.

None of these ladies are for lightweights, that’s for sure! I can’t wait to try the Jamaican Berry! Stitch says they’re 95% sativa & will kick our butts. I’m ready!


Nice selections, I’m following now

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Nice seed selection and I have a front row seat for this one.


@Budbrother @Johnzy81 @Onlythebest79 @PurpNGold74

I hope I do these strains justice!


Quite an eclectic group of strains, makes me think of a bag of skittles or some type of fruit salad, lol. I have never grown any of those but sounds tantalizing. Im sure you will do fine by them. Cant wait to see the results. Set to watching.

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I had some Zkittlez vape. It was soo tasty :yum: I wanna grow some.

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@Budbrother zhittlez u say? I think that. Fruity pebblez. G13. N black Magic are my holy grail of names i havent tasted yet.

N Betty im POSITIVE you’re gonna kill it. Cant wait to see you in action :+1:t5:


I e grown Fruity Pebbles before. Tasty stuff and great high.


Getting the grow room ready, today. Will replace my one smaller tent with a slightly bigger tent, bringing my actual grow space (with 2 tents) to 5x5.

Before I take down one tent & put up another, however, I need to rearrange an entire room. So…yay. Getting it done now so that the minute I can start this year’s indoor grow, boom…ready to go!

Jenkies! Well excited to hear progress being made! Now hurry up n drop those seeds :heart_eyes::joy:


Both tents up! New qb assembled! Now, if only September was here right now!


Congrats on the new QB, welcome to the club.

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Hey I know you are a happy camper now that you have the QB boards as lighting trust me you’ll be happy with your purchase. But I have a bone to pick with you where’s the pictures showing you unpacking assembling and hanging her up in the tent. You hurt my feelings by not showing pics lol :joy: but if you have any thatd be nice to see what you are working with. Pics please pics please pics please yes we all love pics if you have time

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Lol! I had planned on doing that, but once I opened up the box, I was kind of in the zone. I took 2 pics: