2018 2nd attempt

Well my first attempt this year resulted in me gifting (3) plants to a friend. Mine however did not make it. So, on to round 2.

Dropped a Mango Kush bean Sunday. It started to pop Monday so into a paper towel. By Tuesday it had a nice tap root so into a 6" pot with FFHF and a dome. By Wednesday night it had broken ground and this morning she is doing quite well.

I dropped a Blueberry Auto bean Wednesday and just put into a paper towel this morning.


@GetbackJoJo Pretty baby!

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I’ll drop in, for a watch. Love Blueberry and haven’t seen mango flower before. Def would like to see how it turns out. What’s your specs on your setup?

@psychEDM I’ve got them in a 3x3x6 tent with a Mars Reflector 192 (415W true) LED light. Currently on “grow” setting. I’m using 6" clip on fans for intake and exhaust right now. I have a Mars Reflector 144 (316W true) I can turn on later as well. Using pH’d rainwater for misting and the Fox Farms trio and another set of nutes that I can’t think of the name right now when I get to that point. I have 7 gallon fabric pots ready for their final home in a few weeks.

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Beautiful! I’ll be watching. Keep us posted :innocent:

My baby turned 15 yesterday :smile: Cheese Auto flower :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@GetbackJoJo here and set to watching. I’m out of likes for the moment.


Here and creeping on your grow


@FNG101v2 @Oldstoner @Covertgrower @NavyVet420 @psychEDM

(6) days old today and the Mango Kush is looking pretty! Still misting (3)X a day with pH’d rainwater. Picture was just as lights were about to go out and after a good misting.


Looking good

Looks great :+1:

Decided not to put my girl out in the greenhouse while I went in vacation. Gave her a big drink before I left and we’ll see when I get back. Humidity has been kind of high at home so hopefully that will keep her from drying out too much.

A “big” drink this early in germination could result in damping off and dying. Be careful.

She actually was doing quite well. Had started on her 4th set of leaves. Just keeping my fingers crossed.


Good that’s wonderful. Just be cautious with over watering. Pictures always help as well :innocent: Happy growing!

Does your baby girl have a name @GetbackJoJo She looks very Happy !!

Came home to this beautiful girl!! Her pot was dry as a bone and I gave her a nice drink. Tomorrow she goes into her forever 7 gallon smart pot with FFHF in the top 1/4 and FFOF in the bottom 3/4.

The 1st pic shows an enormous amount of “under growth” already. I raised the light up a little to encourage a little upward growth. Right now she’s barely a few inches tall and is working on several levels of leaves.

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She looks like she’s going to be “The Queen” @GetbackJoJo :flushed: Her nodes are so vlose , she definitely didn’t strech at ALL!!! Does this Princess have a name , I always name all my plants - not just MJ
I also talk to them , I know it sounds funny but they did a scientific study on 2 plants , both the exact same , one was talked to & the other wasn’t , the one talked to grew twice the size of the other, very healthy, green, bushy and thriving while the other looked half died and struggling just to stay alive - This may sound crazy but it looked depressed and sad :cry:
Thanks for the tag , keep them coming , I love reading others experiences , I learn so much !



Into her forever home, a 7 gallon smart pot. Hopefully I’ll start to see some upward growth. The root ball inside the 6" pot she was in was pretty impressive!


Looking good Jojo.:sunglasses:

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Just shy of 3 weeks old. She’s liking her new home.
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