2017 indoor harvest

Well ladies and gents of ILGM forum - my ladies finally told me they were ripe for the picking. Beautiful dark blonde hairs and wonderful milky opaque resin glands. The test buds gave a nice euphoric body high that lasted a long time - my best grow skeptic (wife) gave this grow a double thumbs up !! I still have my runt to harvest, this one I believe is a White Widow and I wish I would’ve had the room to include it in the full light of the room and not confine it to a corner, but sacrifices have to be made for the greater success of the grow.

I dedicate this grow to my best friend Jeff Smith who I lost 2/5/16. Funny thing is we had a fallin out 12 years ago and hadn’t spoken since. I had always wanted to just say fk it, swallow my pride and extend my hand to him in friendship. Now I cannot and this I truly regret - lesson learned - no matter who’s fault it is it’s not worth losing the bond of a friend over a stupid thing - whatever the problem there is always reasonable resolution.

Jeff - here’s the four babies - I hope you approve – God bless you my friend, we shall meet again.