2016 Outdoors Grow Journal

Figured this is the place to start my grow journal so here we gr-ow. I’m doing all feminized seeds this year & a few Autos. White Widow Auto, AK 47 Auto, Amnesia Lemon, Sweet Purple, Jack Herer, & Opium. All are 3 weeks old as of yesterday. All seem to be doing well. Had there first feeding today of Cal-Mag & Fox Farms Grow Big. I would post some pics but I do not want to use my phone for this for obvious reasons. Will keep posting here on my progress

sup man, just saying, if ur afraid of posting pic with ur phone, should be the same with a computer or whatever :b just my though, as long as u do it online ur privacy is already in jeopardy + ur already talking about it on the web, whether or not u put pic its all the same but i can be wrong.
peace ^^

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Yes I have to agree with you there. Hadn’t really thought it through to that extent. I’ll try to get my pics posted sometime tomorrow.

no worries, looking forward for ur pic :slight_smile:
happy growing :slight_smile:

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I’m a first time pic poster myself , no worries my friend, check out - upstate NY,indoor start, outdoor Auto grow

here are some pics I took today, have been flowering for 6 weeks.


Very impressive ! …you should enter that in ‘Bud of the month’ thread, I think you’d have a good chance ?

-good luck!

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Thank you. Isn’t the bud of the month only for seeds that came from ILGM? This is my 2nd grow & I must say I’ve really enjoyed this grow. I’m in the home stretch now…

Yep. Only ILGM buds, but I agree. Had it qualified it would have been worthy of entering. Good job!

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