200w 2 Autos - Light for Seedlings

Hi - just started my seeds in the water protocol and I’m excited to get cracking! So… I have a 2x4x6 AC Infinity Grow tent with the S24 200w LED from AC Infinity with 2 auto Bruce Banners. Going into 2 or 5gals once ready. Questions: 200w LED - duration, height and intensity for planted seedlings? 200w LED - too weak for entire grow cycle? Thank you for all of your support folks. I would likely be lost without all of you!

This is from the owners manual
An 18/6 on/off schedule is popular for autos


i like that, ill save it in my digital book of nuggets. Thank you @Spiney_norman (im out of likes)


@Spiney_norman many thanks for being kind about sharing this info. Totally had it in the book the entire time and I forgot about it. :man_facepalming: Much appreciated and happy holidays:)

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