200 proof ethyl or 190 proof cane? For Tincture

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First time that I made a tincture I used 190 proof Everclear. Where I am now I do not have access to anything 190 proof. I can however order via the interweb 200 proof USP Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol or 190 proof Food Grade Cane Alcohol.

Being new to all this my question is, is there a benefit to one vs the other? The Ethyl is cheaper by $20 a gallon, if that factors into the equation.

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It makes me leery to see ‘200 proof’ as alcohol is hydroscopic and attracts water in high concentratipons: it’s very hard to get to 200 proof. (Retired distiller so I should have some clue)

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Would the manufacturer matter? It’s the Extractohol brand. Does it make sense that it’s cheaper even though it’s a higher proof?

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200 proof food grade alcohol is absolutely the best thing to use. If you can get it, definitely use it.

Yes, but it does exist.

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First off I think you are fine above 150 proof for extractions. I use 190 proof GNS (grain neutral spirits) but the moment you open the container the proof goes down at 190 and above due to moisture absorption.

I wouldn’t think either would be a problem: I just have a problem with the ‘200 proof’ part lol.

I’ve used lab grade ethanol in Aerospace and it is indeed 200 proof. But to get there requires extra steps once distilled: one would think it would make it more pricey…

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i Think one thing to consider is that 190 grain alcohol used for Tyoical RSo extracts is known the old school method due to the effects on the liver.

Newer method is to make a similar extract known as FECO oil, Done by using food grade ethanol alcohol at 190-200proof, this is still in my opinion the second best option. The ultimate is 190proof cane alcohol, safest on the body and like dude said above 190proof is good enough.

Extractohol is great product that supplies both, and to support this argument they list 200proof ethanol at $80gl and 190proof cane at $100gl in their site.

All these things considered you still want to remember 5 important things In This order
Decarb flower
Flash freeze flower n alcohol 24hrs prior to eliminate toxins
Mix the two for about 30 seconds and go right to straining while cold
Distill with cold breeze in atmosphere, sometimes boiling low water nearby for safety for back up
Purp remaining alcohol til stops bubbling never above the concentrates temp exceeding 165

Best of luck

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