$200 budget grow

Wassup Growers!!

So I’ve been MIA for a while now. But I’m getting back into growing. And I need y’all’s help…

So my budget is $200. I already have a tent which fits 2 plants comfortably and a 600w LED light.

So the $200 will be for soil, supplements, and pots. Or anything else yall think I might need.

Also I don’t have seeds so any recommendations. (Will have to buy online since I live in Tex…)

I use fox farms ocean forest soil, about $15 a bag locally, 1 bag enough for about 3 to 4 5gal pots
basic fox farms nutes I use run about $45 for 3 32oz bottles off amazon
grow bags I get mine 10 for about $20 off amazon

As for seeds, this forum is sponsored by a seed company, and they are having a 710 sale, lots of buy 10, get 10 free choices for under $100

THe one thing I dont see is Fans, do you have any (intake fan, exhaust fan, and circulation fans)…


What about a carbon filter for the smell?


What about meters for pH and nutes


As far as smell goes, I’m not too concerned about that.

pH meters I do not have but did find some on Amazon for

So on the topic of fans, I only had a fan for circulation which of course just moved the air around but nothing for intake or exhaust.

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Growing in a tent I recommend the exhaust fan for pulling the hot stale air out. Also recommend try to Budget in 40 or $50 bucks for a good pH meter.
Good luck


I agree, you need an exhaust fan. You can run passive intake, but you need the fan to bring in co2 that the plants will be using up.