20 year old seeds

A question from a fellow grower:

But if I may ask a question, I planted some seeds outdoors and when they sprouted all the stems were red. The plant seemed stunted but had perfect shaped leaves. when new leaves grew they were exactly opposite each other for about 7 tiers. then all of a sudden the stems turned green and the plant grew more in a week than it did the previous 2 months. A second plant did the same but later it turned hermi. I am asking this question to see if 20 year old seeds are to old and could they be my problem. Regards

Seed will be good - grow them !!! you might have some good genetics’ being they are 20 years old. Name of seeds strain ?

I think you just have to go along for the ride.; At least until you determine that you are wasting time and investment, without return. The fact that you got them to germinate is pretty cool.

What are you starting them in? And; Are you feeding them at that young age?

Do a search on the forum for Nutrient deficiencies and you will find several topics containing a chart that explains why a stem would be red. I look forward to your reply :slight_smile:

Only found out about seed strains in the last couple of years . So I would not have clue of what they would be. But every seed I kept was from a good smoke.

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I just used fruit and veg potting mix and tap water. The potting mix had slow release fertiliser in it [ little green balls ].At the moment I am waiting for a friend to show me how to put pictures up.

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20?..that’s good going , its naturally an annual so 2-3years in the wild, can recall though a find in a Chinese cave above the snowline, the villagers said their old healer/medicine man would climb the mountains to store stuff in his predecessors cave, they found an amazing aray of clay pottery sealed with silk and beeswax, old mushies, (still potent), and hemp seed over 400year old, still viable, they sprouted some too but it sort of fell over I believe…20 year old seed , bugger me, our climate here would kill the seed with mould in 2-3 I reckon, 2 srains we have stay red stalked if you low on mag and calcium, (common in NZ till soil warms up and they become available to plant

20 year old seeds?
Ha ha…they will sprout as long as they haven’t become diseased or moldy.
I’m not sure that they will be as potent as these new strains I see on this site but I’ve been using old strains of plants such as Panama Red and Cheeba Cheeba and they have grow well and offer a reasonable effect.
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