20 plants 1 light 10 flavor with hogmaster my meds


are you all at work today ?


I am but not doing anything lol
Morning @BIGE


here is a pic of the other table I finished

The Free Floating Table


here is a pic of the other table I finished

The Free Floating Table


yea,summer is almost over they say…and it has been a tough one…lol
i enjoy seeing your work brother, beautiful stuff…


Thats wild buddy
Another master piece


I try, i’m going to shoot for a 50 gal fish tank that will look as if it is floating in the air. Now when your stoned that will be a mind bender ….lmao


Nice i cant wait to see that


I’m off today


Your a slacker lol hog


Im going to edit your screen name to hogslacker lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Your a mean mean man lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well i’m off to work. Got alot to do
Say @HogSlacker seeing how your off today. Why don’t you come here and help me clean up the backyard. Lmao


HahHha have a great day stay dry


Damn I want that Rosineer. @Hogmaster did ya ever get moved?


I want the table lol @bryan


O yeah i am all moved


Looks good! What did you use for the blue? Is that just varnish, or a thick acrylic of some sort?

I have quite a few old “character” boards I’ve found on my property, and a burl I haven’t cut into yet, but other than protecting them I am waiting for the right idea to pop up to use them. I love the finish.

Promise not to clog the page anymore, but the last pic didn’t do it justice. I’m looking for something to fill in and level these deep grooves, and create a flat top - but that is clear and won’t yellow over time.


Found this the other day :slightly_smiling_face:



Now that’s some fine slabs. First you’ll need to find out if anything you fill them with doesn’t find it’s way out thu the bottom. It must be completely sealed. then I would use a clear epoxy.It won’t yellow and it hardens up like a rock and it will also give it depth to your table. I would love to have one of those slabs