20 plants 1 light 10 flavor with hogmaster my meds


Looks lovely…

my favorite noted.


Thanks buddy that is the lsd :grin: @Big123


How’s it going @Big123


How’s that beautiful Crop treating you you still looking into pressing


Very well, love watching other gardens grow!


My yield suffered a little bit but I’ve been experimenting with the cold weather still got several ounces off of each


Yes, on exploring pressing, exploration continues.


I am 100% happy with the turnout since there were two plants in each pot I let one go longer than the next so some of them had 50% Amber put you down quick but it’s great tric on production in the cold weather is amazing they just try to finish too fast


You had 2 plants in every pot? What size pots again?


3-5 gallon @fano_man



What were daytime and night temps, also what was your humidity? Been cold here in the east.


great looking grow my friend!!


super silver haze


You guys are awesome on this site, I’m on my first grow Black Widow Fem… I was worried about growing multiple plants in a large pot, but seeing these on getting to reading up more and more and will definitely have it ad part of my next grow


There were a lot lot of great bands, but Led Zeppelin stood out Above the Rest. Many people talking few of them know the soul of a woman was created below.


Thats was an unbelievable grow @Hogmaster! my hats off to you my man. gotta get some details on your grow. Lights, temps day nite, time in veg and time in flower tho I guess I can get that from going back to the start! lol. great colors. keep up the great job!


Thanks @abouttime


@Hogmaster I’m growing some blue cheese now? How is the smoke. Everyone seems to be turned off by the name and thinks it won’t be that good. My people are starting to get picky lol.


I love it ! It has a sweet smell it is killer