20 plants 1 light 10 flavor with hogmaster my meds


Link to my grow journal if anyone wants to hitch a ride… GG #4 and Super Skunk from ILGM Running 19 Super Skunks.


Hope you got more space or don’t plan on vegging to long


I actually have the whole room to grow in That’s just against the back wall. I can pull them out into this area. What the last grow was 5’x6’.

I topped em’ for 6 branches that I plan to lolipop. Lookin’ for 6 colas on each. 6 colas X 19 plants = 114 colas. Should do a poll later as they grow for guess the weight… If I move them out into here, I’ll remount my lights onto a manual diy light mover for the added coverage.


6x19 plants**


@GreenCoat here’s that grow


Do you have the name of this post…? I’m at the bottom of 385 comments😅 scrolling scrolling scrolling


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20 plants 1 light


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sorry for the delay but now there are more flavors agent orange Afghan super silver og kush there the baby’s everything is milky but the pistols keep popping


@raustin how’s it going :wink:


Good, @Hogmaster, good. How about yourself?


@raustin Been busy got a lot going on but enjoying every minute of it


Your girls all look amazing!


Looking fabulous!


Lots of cool colors 20s last night


Those girls are lookin’ absolutely outstanding. Great job. My 19 SS are filling out. Probably pull the trigger and flip in a week. Few pics.

And Ahhh, Growin’ Pains…


Very nice bro!


do you mean @growmaster?


they all came down it’s been drying 3-4 days now I will show what I got when I get r done :wink: