20 plants 1 light 10 flavor with hogmaster my meds


Looking great, brother!


10 flavors sounds dreamy…lol your own little weed store…lol
elvis weed…lol some picks you up,some will lay you down…lol


Looking good my brother
I need to update my thread as well
I have a few plant flowering nicely myself right now woohoo


You need to come back and play I know you’re a busy country boy


@Hogmaster how did you fare with the bud rot problems? Did they persist, or was it just limited to a few plants. I saw a post where you noted a recommendation, but couldn’t find it in the thread.


Wash them is all I do outside sucked lost almost 1/2 and back inside for me dehumidifier for me


dehumidifier is a must here in ar…i really need a bigger one,i bought the one i have for a 4x4 tent… i have about four times that now and this smaller model struggles…
maybe santa will get me one…lol


I’m trying to get caught up bro
Winter is coming fast so need to finish up a few projects before and then I’ll be back

Here a shot of the cherry pie :pie:

Need to get more pictures and update my thread


I actually run two dehumidifiers @BIGE plus Ac during the summer to prevent the dreaded bud rot in my flower room

I maintain 50% humidity in basement allow my intake fan to draw air into the grow room where I have ac and a second dehumidifier set for 40%

It’s over kill I know but shoot I’d rather have to much then wake up to a flower room of bud rot


She’s pretty!


Thanks @Big123
She blew up been in flower for about 4-5 weeks
And isn’t showing signs of slowing down
I’ve been feeding once a week not water in between my room is 70 with humidity at 38%


yea,i’m not a bud rot fan myself…i’ll be getting another bigger model soon…this one i have has no settings,just on/off…lol
i’ll still have this one for tent…lol


I need a heavy duty dehumidifier from santa too.


Power plant

chem dog lsd blue cheese super skunk lsd train wreck Cali dream and I’m missing 4 can’t remember lol


Can’t believe the blue cheese the color is so nice


Sup @BIGE how you doing buddy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


very pretty colors…i bet it smells great


Smells like victory


i like that smelll!


As long as they can take 40s at dark and 55-60 tops with lights on so far so good