20 plants 1 light 10 flavor with hogmaster my meds


DIY LEDs are so much fun! Welcome to the wonderful world of AC theory. Ohms law. Yeah baby!


I did a vipra 600. 4 cobs 1 strip for driver 1 (700ma) 8strips for the other(700ma)

I cut the cross bar.


What did that run you looks awesome


$80ish for lights. I had a piece of aluminum cut, you could grind off the leds to save that $10-20. I had to buy wire and wagos also. But you’ll need those for other builds. Cause once you start you will continue to build. It’s like legos! Full build is on the diy led forum around 3500. Blurples aren’t even comparable it’s so different


That’s why I love my 630


I’m getting ready to pull the trigger they just look like so much fun but anything that grows weed is so much fun


we can never have enough grow toys! lol
my homemade lights are really doing their job now…no a/c running at night staying in the low 80’s…
when it gets colder i’ll pull out the super hps for more heat…
are you looking to upgrade mezhis?


happy anniversary bro!


Happy Anniversary @Hogmaster!


Happy Anniversary!


Happy anniversary, @Hogmaster!



What is scrogging, please?



@dbrn32 @Hogmaster
That was me with the 600 meizhi conversion I haven’t finished it yet. For the cross bar I just cut it out and left the tabs to screw it back to gether. This is the half of the frame that holds the leds in the meizhi 600. I’m just being lazy and not finished it yet but here’s pics for you

You can also go to topic “Let’s talk diy lights and post 3752 you’ll see all I’ve done so far


![image|500x500](upload://pDMUhkxixEqvoBXtJmAn5dBBbDe.jpeg Crystal last one left out of the five some hangers and everything else this is what’s going on @Willd


I want a preying mantis in my closet! Then again, I hope that it would be cruel, because there are no bugs to eat, and I don’t need one :sunglasses: I do have some on the property though.


the group my killer big chemdog and others


That floor space will be disappearing in no time!