20 plants 1 light 10 flavor with hogmaster my meds


Looks like some bud rot for me as well the cherry pie came down because of it and now a banner had some just cut the small bud off


Also super cropped 1 more time

and my banner and Crystal and my friend got a new one bless there heart


And Jake came down

check this crazy thing out and og is back to normal and Afghan super silver and something lol losing track need to look at my tags and jack was growing mushrooms :mushroom: sorry there’s a lot there


The new ones are going to have more now last time


Got my hands full wow :astonished: should be fun


@dbrn32 what are your thoughts on a light for a 4x4 veg area blurple is where it would go I’m so sick of it I have 2 450s I will probably do



You’re asking what I would suggest to replace the two 450’s?


No that’s the housing I will be having someone :wink: use lol


As bright as it can be


Would like to stay around 3100k if that matters or changes anything


Oh, gotcha! Really depends on what the output current and voltage of drivers is. There are some really good citizen and luminous cobs pretty cheap comparatively. If there’s no crossbars in center of fixture some bridgelux or Samsung strips may be a really good option too.


There is no crossbar in the middle



You mean like 3100k 90cri, mucho representing the par portion of the sexy lec spectrum? Lol!

You can get close. Like 4 3000k 90cri cobs to 1 3500k 90cri cob would be about there. Minus the uv of course, but you would gain a little better representation of color in other areas.

The description says 1.44 amps at 119v. Thumb eyeball ohms law is about 180 watts at wall give or take? 560mm strips won’t fit in the case, 280’s will pretty easily but you won’t get 180 watts out of the amount that will fit. Which tell me cobs probably best bet. Did you get a chance to snap a few pics from inside of case?


@dbrn32 what if I used the 600



The smaller ones may be better because they don’t have those cross bars in the middle to deal with.

I think someone just did a meizhi 600 a few weeks ago with four vero 29c. @Newgrwr2018 was that you?

It’s really all about the drivers that each light has. Some have easy to match up pairings, others need to get pretty creative or leave some power untapped. I can get cobs from 18v to 100v, it’s usually just a matter of cost vs efficiency. @Screwauger just hacked his roleadro cobs with citi 1212’s that are something like $15 each. I’m his case he kept the light output similar but got a little better light spectrum and cut the power consumption in half.


Nice because it makes no sense with the meter on my 300s I’m pulling 196 from the outlet and no where near that with the 450s and about that with the 600 But when I bought them they had been out maybe a week and they were $49


It’s hard to keep up with how they rate them. Some manufacturers like to compare them to hid equivalent, others like to base them on the maximum rating of each led. I have a killawatt type of device that’s proven fairly accurate I could put them on, but it’s fairly irrelevant. When trying to get the most out of a swap you just try to find the led configuration that fills the factory drivers the best.

Technically, the factory drivers could be replaced and you could make them whatever power level you want. But then you risk exceeding the cooling capabilities of the heatsink. As long as we stay within the factory drivers any led we install is going to be at least a little if not significant gain in electrical efficiency. So even with filled drivers there will be less of a thermal load on the heatsink. It’s pretty much a win/win situation.