20 plants 1 light 10 flavor with hogmaster my meds


Dude it’s a stretchy shirt I love it I’m wearing it right now Very well-made


So I’m in flower in the room and still 16-8 in tent

coming right along


That’s a good sized room with expansion opportunities.


your shed looks like mine,chit strowed everywhere!
nice and green!


I need to finish it up but I need meds before I run out :wink:


Right about 3 foot tall


she’s my cherry :cherries: pie


I love the silky sheen from the leaves on thriving plants :heart_eyes:


Got my daddy long leg eating bugs on the second pic


Yeah man I got those assistants too lol


Looking good @hogmaster


Have some

here are all my indoor girls under 12/12 and the cherry pie was all cloudy I wanted to wait but don’t need bud rot it’s close


@Paizley @Familyman here you go


Thanks for the tag. Your plants look nice and fruitful!! May the canna gods be with you.


Show off :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This band will go down in the books as the best.


Thanks for the tag @Hogmaster…beautiful looking plants!


another pic :wink:


I need to get my humidity down was 75+100 now down in the 50s 60s thanks for the advice @Countryboyjvd1971


Looking on point @Hogmaster! Love the knotted colas! :wink::v: