20 plants 1 light 10 flavor with hogmaster my meds


Wow some of those colas are crazy! Everything looks awesome.


Thanks I super cropped everything there about 20+ inches tall I pray Mother Nature works with me


@Hogmaster you have some beauties for sure!


Damn Hog! Didn’t take you long to break in the new property haha. How many plants do you have going now? Everything looks great as usual :wink::v:


Nice starts of canopies i see lol love how darl green they are. :+1:


20 something @MattyBear


jacked up O.G. Kush, jack up…! run, Forest, run!

ROFL… ada226fb052bba3eff0d245a45fcf57051fb778e

Great my dear friend, everyone look healthy and happy… .

I love pictures update… :+1: :ok_hand: :v::vulcan_salute: :frog:


@Niala I figured I would share it with everybody and grow it and see what happens something fun to see what happens because it happens I would normally toss it


How’s al doing this fine evening


Love that movie lol


@Hogmaster, David,

After being indoor most of the day, hiding for humid and hot temperature, well, I am outside, enjoying cooler temps, waiting for my Neanderthalien 2" T-Bone to be ready, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@BIGE I take it you liked :wink:


i’m at a loss for words man!
yes sir i do!


Well crap need to set up the tent it’s about time to flower these indoor girls got 4 that still need time :thinking:


here is my ‘‘freak on a leash’’ the tag was lost when swapping out other soldiers that gave all…
soo…i know it’s going to be good,it’s ilgm…i’m just not sure which flavor…lol


Wow! Cucumbers? Pumpkins? Watcha growing? LOL

That’s crazy


yea she’s kinda weird,but she’s mine!


I got one too


I had to share my new shirt I bought


sweet shirt,and they have up to 4x now!