20 plants 1 light 10 flavor with hogmaster my meds


Her video pretty much showed way more than I need to know. I was just planning on rim about 1/4" higher than the tallest part of the board to contain it (temp., wrapped with wax paper or something) and doing the same for the bottom with just a pane of glass (super flat) and wax paper over it.

I’m thinking a wax or something might work to temporarily seal the bottom? It could be melted away easily I think, but I’m more worried about unnecessarily wasting expensive resin.

After seeing the video and how they were able to ‘clarify’ the resin with a torch, does that mean that after it’s hardened I could sand it if needed (like rough edges) then flash it with a torch to melt out the sanding marks?

If so, that opens up a lot of textural possibilities with a Dremel tool.


After they pour the epoxy they use the torch to remove air bubbles
What I do is to simply take a very thin board and cut it to fix the bottom of the slab and the glue and screw it to the slab. When dry I use 2 inch tape and seal the sides and ends and do the pour


That’s cool for a big project. I’m doing clear, and want it see-through, so no board on the bottom unless it’s covered so it can be removed.

This board is about 8" wide, and less than 3 feet long. I think I could get by with a small resin kit (like 16oz) if I can keep it from filling everything. Tough to explain, but I just want a see-through flat top. Doesn’t have to be thick or structurally sound.

How hot does the resin get when you mix it. Would it melt paraffin? I’m thinking that I could rig a tray bigger than the board, fill it with melted wax to about 1/2 inch and lay the board in there, then let it cool before pouring. Melt the wax out after epoxy sets, and only have the top part of the board ‘resin-ed’.

Does that make sense or sound feasible?


So everyone got a hair cut toped 16 and here is the 5-1 this am

and 2 autos jack h and ww jack got beat up outside but is still fat it’s all bud under the eaten leafs


This one is for you @Screwauger



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I miss good music


Jerry was teasing them a bit with that lead in…great stuff. Great to have been alive, cool and mobile when they were playing in the 70’s and 80’s @Hogmaster


Yeah I was lucky enough to see them 2 nights in a row at Sandstone amphitheater in Bonner Springs Kansas and once at red rock amphitheater in Colorado


I caught a Grateful Dead show, Halloween, 1991 Oakland Coliseum. Saw Jerry G. band in San Francisco a couple times in early/mid nineties.

I feel like it’s a miracle I’m still alive sometimes.


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5-1 outdoor and the other 20 indoor


Haha I was at that show too :+1:t2:


What a great grow/thread! Wish I’d have found it a long time ago!


Ask any questions you have @DTOM420


The girls are getting so big transplanted O.G. Kush Afghan super silver and Agent orange


How’s it going @Big123


@Hogmaster I can’t really complain, had about 11 days in row 10 plus degrees cooler than average, my garden ladies thickening up.