20 plants 1 light 10 flavor with hogmaster my meds


Well we broke ground on 1 of 3 og kush autos come join the fun will be growing outside and loving it


Soked 36 hrs in soil the 25th


Always look forward to your grows man
Learn lots from you thanks for posting :blush:


Watching :innocent:


come on out girl!


And this am

and last nights


So I was playing around last night and decided to do a 3 in 1 with my og


What size pot please? Hope you’re staying high and dry :hugs:


Looking good!!! 3 in one just for seedling stage or? :open_mouth:


@FNG101v2 All the way to harvest 10 gallon @SmoknGranny


O I’m excited to watch this :grimacing: won’t you struggle with 3 plants fighting over water and roots?


I didn’t have any issues with my last grow with 2 we will see how 3 does


Thanks for the info. :slightly_smiling_face:



Hows it going @Donaldj it’s about that time of season back at work ? Outside


lol like a dog buddy between roofing helping friends with projects and working on my house my site time is almost exclusively 4am-530am with a quick peak at night before bed :wink: Had uncle drop by lastnight bearing gift he purchased a jack hammer which he left here for me to bust out my foundation with so I sent him home with a plant some seeds and a few other goodies :slight_smile: Spent last weekend roofing a friends addition the one before siding this weekend all about my place and jacking house up now I have rebar and lumber for concrete forms. Hope is to be busting out old foundation after work all week and ready to build forms next weekend? Has been a fruitful summer so far with projects getting done and building materials getting recycled and gathered for home projects swaps and barters for gas fitter and concrete finisher help and advice but at this point all the set up work is on my shoulders until furnace is in place and forms are in :wink: Still have a deck to build and few other side jobs on list too kept my garden simple spuds carrots onions some eggplant and squash but mostly low effort crap since weeding and tending eats up time.
My ladies are in soil amended to do most of feeding for me and getting mostly ignored rather than spoiled and tended constantly like winter. Harvests have been smaller thanks to neglect but still enough and constant to keep things flowing :slight_smile: So much to do and about 5 months to do it while working and fitting in other tasks barely time to eat and sleep lmao


Off to a great start, love those baby Pictures!


Been outside during the day and inside at night


Time to get higher



Moving right along