20 happy Auto Seeds sneaked through Aussie customs!


Hello fellow growers, smokers, and medicators… @bob31 @Powaforce @Countryboyjvd1971 @3high5you @Sirsmokes
So this is my first time growing Auto Flowers. The other experience I have is 3 outdoor photo plants 4 months into veg. So I know a few things about them.
I’m now giving these Autos a go…starting in Australia 2 months into Summer.
So I got my seeds in about 8 days and that’s awesome. Soaked them in water and they sprouted in 3 days which is a long time compared to the photo seeds I had from a friend’s plant. They took less than 24hrs.
So here’s day 1:

Success for seed getting to AUstralia

Day 3: all seeds finally sunk and all sprouted.
I put them into 1 litre (34 oz) pots with Tomato and Veg potting mix from Bunnings. It has some things in it like blood and bone but I used it for my photo plants and all sweet. Both with them and these I flushed the soil with heaps of hose water and let sit for a few days until i put the seeds in, thinking this would help cool the soil as they say Auto seedlings are super sensitive to nutrients.


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Have you got rain water?


@3high5you no worries and thanks for being my first follower :blush: No i use tap water which is pretty pure where I live. These autos will be outdoor plants too when they’re old enough.
Just about to post the photo of them today.


I’m watching too @Sunflower off to a great start. Are they all going to be potted or in the ground?

You might find that the autoflowering plants are a bit more sensitive to pH swings as well.

Are you checking the pH of the water? It might be pure but the


plants like 6.5 in soil and 5.9 in soiless mixes.


24th January i put them all in pots and by 25th and 26th all seedlings came outta the soil :slight_smile:
2 Amnesia Haze and 1 AK47 look good. This photo is today. 3 days after coming up.


But these 4 refused to shed the seed pod and I only realised today that that’s their problem, so I did for them with a pair of tweezers and found tiny true leaves trapped inside there… I have put them outside thinking the heat and more light might hurry them up to start growing. These 3

look ok I think… @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Powaforce @3high5you what do yous think? I’ve never had a seed do this before and I’ve germinated 19 including these so i don’t know what they’ll do.


It happens frequently. Exactly right thing to do, remove gently with tweezers! @Sunflower


But this AK47 couldn’t fight it’s way out of a teabag :sweat:


It seems to be alive though. The seed pod stayed completely around it for some reason.


@Sunflower it will die if it isn’t removed

Also I rotated a couple of your pics. Please put them up straight as people using phones with auto rotate will never be able to look at them.


@bob31 thanks for your input and for following. They’ll go straight into the ground. When’s the best time to do this? No i haven’t tested the pH of the water but will take you advice and get a tester. Thank you :blush: i guess any garden place sells them?


Awesome @bob31 ! I was getting a bit disappointed in what i thought was my green thumb :wink: also, do they need humidity domes? I’ve never used them before but apparently they’re helpful??


most of them do in the US. Not sure on your country. Check Bunnings and I know the big dot com that delivers to AUS has them.

Pet stores that sell fish might have them too.


Thanks @bob31 shall do. Yeah i removed the pod and it looks like that. I’m hoping it will start growing now. Do you think so ?


humidity domes as long as they aren’t in direct sunlight might help the first week to 10 days. What is the RH where you are? @Sunflower If it is above 50 then the domes only for 3-7 days +/-


It looks pretty tore up. Spritz up the inside of a dome for that one and see what tomorrow brings. No direct sun for that girl for awhile. They are tough plants


Oh right cool… yep aquariums (fish pet shops here) do have them I’ve remembered :sunglasses: @bob31


Do yourself a favor though. Don’t get the pH strips or the drops. They aren’t accurate enough for growing plants.

Also take a look at the bag of soil you’re using and let me know the ingredients listed on the bag so we can see what pH to use.

When they go in the ground, the pH is really less of an issue, but IMO it is a good practice to follow even in the ground. If you have a way to collect rainwater, no ph needed for rainwater, lol


@bob31 RH … is that something about humidity?