20 Days in April - The Contest!


Very nice!


Thanks heres how she looks after a trim and hair cut.

I think she might just make the deadline.


Hey the deadline is the 20th isin’t it?


Rasta just before harvest.


Rasta final clip wet weight buds only.

i will post dry weight in a couple of days. Enjoy


Those are beautiful buds!


Yes they are I love the spiral colas


Thanks to words of wisdom from you and all the other friends I found here. I have grown lots of other times but never the great results as I achieved this grow. Thanks everyone for the great advise. I will be smoking a fatty in all your honers. Thanks Again!


Very nice looking buds. Nice trimming too


Thank you it had been quite a bit of work but well worth the effort. And welcome if there is anything i can help you with don’t hesitate to ask.


@smitty87 Thanks :grinning: I am getting the hang of this little by little.


So did I just miss who won the “contest” lol


I flunked out… I got about a half a pound from 3 plants… but I still haven’t even trimmed it and I’m pretty sure it will end up wax… no biggie… it was extremely stoney , but it looked like $hit , so there was no market for it… my own fault… I neglected them… :grin: