20 Days in April - The Contest!


@FloridaSon @Justgrowin… here’s a pic of amnesia haze auto dated 5/20 with calyx? I heard about calyx when I started growing but really never knew what they were talking about… but now I know thanks to you and I appreciate your knowledge & advice. I usually look for fatness, amber pistils & white milky trichomes because they always look like this toward harvest time, let me know…


Hey Bonnie. The calyx is this image

The small hair coming from it is a pistil. That is the female part. Without that pistil this would b a male.

Those pistils will turn orange or purple and recede back into the calyx. Once that happens and u have 80-90% receded pistils u start checking trichs. Checking them before that can b confusing Bc u will get immature trichs that turn amber. They turn as they degrade. Those are not the ones u want to check. The plant will produce new trichs throughout flower until nutes are stopped and it doesn’t have what it needs to go on.

Also make sure u r checking trichs on buds not sugar leaves. The sugar leaves are a great indicator what will soon happen with the buds.

Your plant looks like it has 2 weeks or so left. Maybe 3 but it could turn quick at the end.

If u let one plant go until the forum tells u to cut I think u will see a huge difference in your harvest. In all areas. Potency, yield, taste (terpenes develop late as well), and aroma.

Post another pic of that same plant fri. Maybe it will b time to start flushing it. Do u flush with plain water or a chelated flush?


@Justgrowin… hey thanks for that and will do… I will wait for you to tell me or someone… I want to know more, I can see I got busy with life & let my knowledge get stale :joy: … I’ll take another pic on Friday. Right now I’m still giving nutes but not big grow, then I give ph water then flush, then water till done… so gonna stop nutes now and give just water… I flush with sledgehammer but start giving water as a flush too…


@Justgrowin… your girls are beautiful! Really nice…My WWA looks just like one of your girls in same stage, what lights do you have? I didn’t get a chance to go through your pics before, new crazy schedule… I’m gonna take pics Friday but continue nutes if you think there’s that much time left, idk we’ll see Friday :grimacing: thanks for everything, I’ll just keep taking pics & asking questions, thanks again


I use an eb strip light I built with Rob. Very similar to a qb board.

I have minimum 2 weeks left. I just fed for the last time today. I will water wed and start my flawless finish flush fri and will flush every water until she’s eaten her nutes up. Once she looks like she’s colorful and about a week to 10 days out I will drill her and start checking trichs. Once she’s ready for me I will fill her pot with ice and put her in the dark until she’s fully dry.


Here’s my psycho clone around 40 days in flower…


that looks great @GreenThunder


@Justgrowin@BIGE… hey how are you? Just sending a pic of my girl on Friday… she’s not quite ready yet but soon I hope, I need the room, amnesia haze smells fantastic… love the haze :heart_eyes:


She looks good but just from the pic of the bud I would guess 2-3 weeks. Not ready to start checking trichs yet


I checked Thelma this morning since she got her first flush yesterday and to my surprise she is about 20% amber so I took a small cola to quick dry, gave it a light trim and will start aggressively flushing. She will get drilled today too.

She has quite a few white pistils as well. But I noticed she is still producing them. Her flower time is listed as 7 weeks. She is in week 9 so I shouldn’t b surprised I guess.

I can see in my buds my rh issue at the end of flowering. hard middles and some light fluff on the outers. Glad it was just for the last 2 weeks or so


Damn, girl! That was a great response!


Sorry I’m so late here @bonnie1, but I see you’re being well taken care of.

As she showed you, while she is still seeing new pistils form, the majority of them have either receded onto the calyx or shriveled.

Notice how full her calyx are that give the buds that nice density. That effect comes from waiting for that final swell of oils. Remember, you lose a lot of mass after drying.

The hardest part is patience…


Ah thanks rick. I try.


@FloridaSon… I know more about the calyx thanks to you guys & after reading a small section in Roberts grow guide but I’ve never seen the black hair but I usually wait for the swelling of the buds, I just didn’t know what it was called. My girl is almost ready but still no amber trichomes.


Well Betty got the chop today. She was 350 grams wet I’ll take more pictures when she’s dried.


This is her all hung up to dry.


It looks like she came out great :grin: Well done


Betty’s main top before hanging


Thelma has no clue she’s in heavens waiting room under my far red light.

As soon as she is completely dried out and wilting she will meet her maker.

(That’s me by the way. She will meet my lungs)

I already cut 3 colas from her that were weirdly branching far sideways.


Here’s the girls that I had for this contest , but I think I dropped the ball , because I’m barely going into 3 1/2 weeks since I flipped the lights to 12/12 … here’s a pic anyway…
I believe that they are all 3 , ilgm ww…
I will get better pics when lights come on… :grin: