20 Days in April - The Contest!


No doubt and thanks. Photo’s are the rock of marijuana growing. When and if I ever get set back up with a veg area, I will grow photo clones for sure. I also do not doubt one bit that breeder genetics can/do force flower on some of the really early auto’s. I tend to look for super auto’s or ones that finish in 9+ week estimates.


I have not but I routinely see sex/pistils at week 3-4 but I ignore that. Many switch to bloom nutes at that stage and that’s cool I just decided I would follow a method that pushes all the veg time you can get out of an auto.


If I was getting 9 oz a plant with autos I would never grow a photo.


I ignore it as well but if u look at a grow journal I did it was a Bd auto and it started full on flower at 2 weeks. Had no nutes. Still has cots 3 weeks into flower.


I believe that for sure @Justgrowin
I’m having some beginners luck but on my third grow since growing in the 90’s. I never heard of auto’s until a year ago. I’ve harvested 8 plants and I am currently growing 5. That’s not a wealth of experience to go by so, by all means, take my results and methods as one dewd’s way to do it.


U have grown more autos than me. I am new to them as well. I am growing my 5th 6th 7th and 8th right now. And only my 3rd strain. The 3 bubble gum I am doing now are doing much better than the bd did. But my caramelucious looks like it will have a few issues.


Thelma got a haircut. Almost 4 weeks in flower.


Wow, she looks amazing!


Thanks. I hope she tastes as good as she smells


I make plans and then my girls change them. Agnes (Psycho clone) has been moved into the tent with 1000 HPS

She’s 77 days overall and 26 days in flower. I’m hoping she’s ready before the end of August.


Ok I’m starting to see what they mean by big yields from this strain. I was concerned Bc she’s so short. Her branches are all around 16” from stalk to cone. But they are bulking up very quickly and along the entire branch. I won’t lollipop this strain again.


Well, ongoing consumption report.

Obviously not the best weed ever, my fault, but a very pleasant hit which does have the therapeutic effect desired. Wonderful flavours too. Am happy, especially with my absolutely Bergholt Stuttley Johnson setup.

Waiting on next seed to pop out of ground, then onwards and upwards (with a bit of sideways thrown in for good measure)


Rasta is getting her flower on finally might be too late.

Gonja Mon!


Well here’s a look at Betty’s first bud porn. She’s still getting fatter every day. But here’s a few pictures of her main top today when the light went out.

For comparison


The autopots going to separate your plants from from from someone growing soil or soilless too. At least the growth rates prior to transitioning would be in your favor a lot. You simply aren’t going to get that kind of growth in dirt, which is going to limit harvest potential quite a bit. The potency though, I wouldn’t say you couldn’t take anything away from the autos.


Great job @bigbananafeet ! Looks delish


Mari (front left) is still chugging along :+1:t3:


How are you feeling about your aggressive defoliation at this point?


I was going to ask how far along you were to do that much trimming :grin:


Four+ weeks in flower…