20 Days in April - The Contest!

@raustin, @anon95385719, @Happy_Pappy, and anyone else that wants to join the race to the end!

RULES: Choose just one plant, she must be from 10-20 days old, and she must have a name. April 30th is the deadline to enter. To enter, post a picture and a short bio of your girl. Good luck!

You will have until September 15 to harvest and post your stats and pictures. Polling starts September 16, 2018, at noon EST, and ends September 17, 2018 at noon EST. Or the contest will end when the last person harvests. Then each person must submit 3 pictures of their plant: one of the whole plant, one of your favorite bud, and one of your harvest on a scale. Whomever has the largest dry harvest out of the top two polled wins.

#1: Mona, @raustin
#2: Thelma, @anon95385719
#3: Ellie Mae, @Happy_Pappy
#4: Sara, @psychEDM
#5: Rasta, @smitty87
#6: Lita, @livefast
#7: Granny Lilith, @Twitch
#8: Anastasia, @SquidGrow
#9: Shaniqua, @TDubWilly
#10: Ethel, @sweet_quiche
#11: Little Lucy, bonnie1
#12: Gertrude, Not2SureYet
#13: Betsy, Firstgo
#14: Chalky, bigbananafeet
#15: Agnes, GreenThunder
#16: Mariposa, Momtomask
#17: Ariel, Mrcrabs
#18: Betty, Shwiftyrick90
#19: Chrissy, Rick3

Have I missed anyone? The thread has gotten a bit unwieldy . If I missed you, please tag me with your info.

Contestant #1 Mona

This is Mona, she is 12 days old today and she started life as the ugliest girl on the block. This turned her into quite the bully, so she has muscle behind those cute, flirty leaves. She is growing in Foxfarm Ocean Forest soil, and her mom gives her more nutrients than she can eat. This is what caused her newly acquired freckles she’s so proudly donning. She is a Pineapple Haze and all fem! Her mom just bought her a brand new quantum board, so she likes to snub her nose at everyone who doesn’t have one too.


You created it. YES. Ok so do we say you have to tell just a little about your grow set up? At the end maybe a 3 pic collage. A full plant, your best bud and harvest?

I have no friggin clue. Lol!

Yeah, I guess short bio and a pic should do it. Oh, and your plant MUST have a name.


Oh ya. Meet Thelma.

Germinated 4/18
Mazar fem seed
Black and gold soil
Led lights. 1200w liar 800w liar and 140 true watts
AN nutes micro, grow, bloom, voodoo juice, b52, sensizym, bud ingnitor, big bud, overdrive, bud candy, flawless finish


To make it fair how bout after all entrants have harvested we post the 3 pics I said above and we run a poll for 24 hours the one who has the biggest harvest out of the top 2 wins?


That sounds like a great idea. Wow, this has turned into a whole thing now. I hope Happy likes it.

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Ya me too. I think he’s game for almost anything.

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Wasn’t it his idea?

Ya then he invited me to join u 2 and this happened. Lmao. I think we were high at the same time. That can b dangerous

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I’m still high.

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Yep I am too. AGAIN. So yep I was right that’s how these things happen

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Actually, this will be fun if a lot of people join.

Let’s tag the hell out of this thread. Lmao. I mean like everyone. Some of them must have dropped seeds since April 15th. Oh wait Thelma isn’t young. I was too high to do math lol

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I’ll change the ages. How about 10 - 20 days old.

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@BIGE @Baapie @blackthumbbetty @anon35207245 @Not2SureYet @Nug-bug @Dr.DankThumb420 @Fairieswear8oots @Firstgo @highcountrygal


@psychEDM @peachfuzz @Ryoken @Laurap @Closetgrower @elheffe702 @Josh1126 @kabongster @Momtomask @TxGrowman

I’m not going to tag cause we’ll wind up double tagging people. I don’t want to piss anyone off.

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I don’t want to offend if I forget people sometimes I read and respond and never even look at names