20 Amp Breaker Tripping: Tent 95F

Hey everyone,

Im in week 2 of flowering DWC/Coco and I’m currently running:

-4x4 Tent
-HID Ballast (600w)
-1/10 Hp Chiller (260w)
-AC Unit (1,000w)
-Dehumidifier (540w)
-CFM Fan for Light Hood (80w)
-CFM Fan for Humidity Control (95w)
-Air Pump (3w)
-160 gph Water Pump (10w)

Which equals 2,588 Watts.

My circuit is only 20 amp and can only handle 2,400 Watts max so I’ve had to choose between using the AC unit or the dehumidifier or else the breaker is guaranteed to trip within minutes of everything operating at once.

I attempted to solve this problem by connecting my dehumidifier to the circuit in the bedroom down the hall via extension cord but the breaker still trips the circuit in the grow room anyway.

Why, even though I have connected the dehumidifier to a different room’s circuit, is the grow room circuit flipping?

Likely all the circuits in the house are connected into the same circuit which is why its tripping the breaker still being ran from another spot


weak/hot breaker is probably the problem now…the breaker has gotten hot and stayed hot thus weakening your breaker.


Also notice you do have a dehumidifier so one question, is this for keeping it stable at higher or lower levels, if so just a thought you may be able to figure out how to run the dehumidifier efficiently enough to be able to get rid of the CFM fan for humidity control there for bringing you down to high 2400’s

Than youd just have,to figure out how to get down to 2400

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That may work. I thought about maybe putting the dehumidifier inside of the tent. You think that would be overkill?

I was afraid this might be what was happening. Same thing happens when the vacuum cleaner is on.

As long as you can figure out how to run it efficiently I think it would work out great @LST if you use the vacuum you could unplug the dehumidifer for a moment while you vacuum

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If I bought a smaller AC, I could cut down on about 500 Watts. The unit I have now is too powerful for my needs.

@LST Do you know if you have a empty breaker slot you need another line with 4 or 5 receptacles and stay away from ext. cords since your overloading that breaker all the time it’s a fire risk that you don’t want to take.


Yes, I have around 4-5 empty slots on my breaker.

Have another 20amp circuit installed, and probably a good idea to replace the breaker that you’ve been tripping.

In the short term, the a/c unit doesn’t keep humidity low enough to run without dehumidifier?

That would help out alot too

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I ran a dedicated 30 amp line just for my grow room


If I install another 20amp circuit, I’m afraid it would probably still trip my grow room’s circuit since that’s what happened when I tried running the dehumidifier from a nearest bedroom’s circuit via extension cord.

Would installing a brand new 20amp circuit set it apart from all the other circuits to where it wouldn’t trip anything else?

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And no, the AC only gets it down to like 65%

No youd have to figure out how to divide the circuits so they run on 2 different circuits

Sounds like I’m going to need an electrician. Lol.


After reading more, there’s a lot you can do. Depends on your budget really. My 6" hyper fan draws like 30 some watts at 100% and moves plenty of air to cool a light after pulling through a filter. So a more efficient fan could probably replace both of your fans.

I’m not very familiar with chillers, but I’m guessing you could find a more efficient one of them too. 1hp=746 watts per hour. So 1/10 hp should draw about 75 watts. Assuming there will always be some efficiency loss and a cooling fan, there’s probably something out there that will do the same amount of work drawing less power. I’m sure some of the hydro guys can help with that.

You could swap your hid for a high efficiency led set up. Not just any old led, but there are options that are well into the 180+ lumens per watt. That would get you an equivalent par with less drawn from the wall, less heat in your tent, and eliminate a fan.

For something like a grow room that’s on half the day or more, you definitely don’t want to load your circuits anywhere near 100%. I would suggest not going more than 60%.


What you probably ran into with the vacuum is just as the others stated, it’s a different receptacle on the same circuit. Lots of homes will have 1 circuit power receptacles in different rooms.

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Thanks for the tips.

I’m probably going to get rid of the Chiller and downgrade to a smaller AC. Hopefully I can get a new 20amp circuit installed to the grow room.

Hydro is fun and all, but that Chiller is a power hog.

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