2 year old seed, possible twin? Garbage?

Never had a seed grow like this. Planted it like I always do and it’s maybe twins or a deformed ass twin? I also can’t tell if it’s the root growing the wrong way? Again, I’ve never had a seed do this, any thoughts? I can try and take better pics and update as it grows. It’s only a week old today from going into the grow medium as a seed. :v:


Kinda looks like it got planted shallow with the pointy end of the seed (emerging tap root) down. Maybe an obstruction under the seed as well?
Let’s see what the experts say, cuz I sure ain’t it!


I mean maybe it some how turned with watering to grow upside down? I’m so confused I did nothing different :joy: obstruction could be possible. The shape of the other made me immediately think the root is growing the wrong way but the leaves on the plant look good……

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Yup looks like a tap root. Throw some soil over that part so it so it isn’t exposed to the sun, and continue rooting from that point. Normally roots can be exposed to sun and they will harden like the rest of the plant. This young would likely cause stunting.


similar happened here I re-buried one that was rising out of soil. That’s why it’s off center a bit. She flowered before the rest of them (autoflower) and got lil over an ounce I dunno if that’s from root stress or what so not an expert on this


Definitely a tap root :confused:
I’ve had 1 do this except I never saw any leaves, only tap root :sweat_smile: I didn’t realize till mine died :man_facepalming:


Well it wasn’t easy getting it to stay under the soil. And I hope I did it right lol


Well she is doing great after replanting the tap root. Still don’t get why she acted that way. Hasn’t missed a beat and doing great after cropping :smiling_face:. Thanks for the input :v: