2 x Grand Daddy Purple Grow

im just frustrated, i did everything simple and right. 2 x plants , 2 x beer cups. Mycorrihzae ph 6.0 ONLY
fed the plants distilled water at PH 6.1. Then 2nd feeding was kelp seaweed 1ML/1/8th teaspoon unsulfured molasses in 1 ltr bottle, ph 6.1. the plant loved what i was doing. S i wateded even days distilled water 6.1 and odd days kelp/seaweed/molasses ph 6.1. now out of nowhere the plants are drooping for 2 days now and this morning the top of the cannabis plant have turned light green, grrrr !
WTF !!! I dont understand where I went wrong / HELP !!!
Im still trying too figure out how too unload pictures from my phone. Another frustration of mine, grrr.
I WILL DOWNLOAD PICTURES ASAP. .oh they are Grand Daddy Purples. maybe i need to transplant into a 1 ltr pot now.

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How often are you watering?, are they autos?, how old are they, what kinda of soil?

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Yeah, I finally was able too download pics. Yeeees ! They are feminized GDPs watering every 3/4 days as per the soil and plant


Like @Tinman asked, drooping leaves could be sign of overwatering. Also are sure that light green leaves are not new growth.


You are definitely ready for transplant.


They need to be transplanted into bigger pots. Plants should be transplanted from solo cups once leaves get to edge of cup as a general rule. In my opinion


You beat me to it


That rarely happens. LOL


Couple of things I noticed. Are you taking the pH of straight distilled water? That is how I’m reading your post. Distilled water does not have enough minerals in it to accurately take the pH. When you add the sea kelp and molasses it does.

Looking at the pictures the plants look healthy other than droopy leaves. Since you are only watering every 3/4 days, I am betting your plants are getting root bound. General rule of thumb is transplant from party cups when the plant reaches side of cup. Your plants certainly have done that! I bet if you transplant they will recover and take off.

The light leave color appears to be new growth.


Hey Bulldognuts, sup brother. yeah , you think I should transplant ? Well then this is what i will tranplant too.
1 LTR pot, FFOF 1 full bag mixed with 1/3rd bag of mycorrhizae ph 6.0. mix well and transplant. what do you think, Bro. Oh did the pictures show up. im so frustrated.
Overwatering., i havent watered them for 3 1/2 days. I have a cup filled with soil as a scale for weight. I deffinitely did not over water, but what do I know bro

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Soil also looks awful wet. Am I to understand that you are watering every day? If you are you may want to slow your roll with the water. My plants will usually always droop a bit when I water

Looks like we all agree time to transplant :+1:t2::point_up_2:

Try not to be too frustrated. It is a learning experience with each grow. It took me a while but I’ve learned to enjoy the process.


I believe your good to go with a transplant. You should start a grow journal. Anytime you get frustrated start posting and everyone can talk you down LOL.


hahahaha ! the vote is in and the Is have it. transplanting it is. So the question is. I did a distilled watering ph leveled at 6.2 yesterday morning. it is still wet. Is it okay too transplant now while they are awake ?

If you have time I’d transplant now while they are awake.

Another tip. I use clear cups and then put that cup into a red cup. The clear cup allow me to see root development and judge when to transplant. Another side affect is I can see how wet the medium is which I find fascinating for some reason.


[quote=“BoivinBudz, post:1, topic:39210”]
i wateded even days distilled water 6.1 and odd days kelp/seaweed/molasses ph 6.1.

I am a little confused, it appeared to me that the plant was getting liquid every day. Liquid is Liquid be it water or water with nutes

I have started a grow journal, brother. I am so grateful to eack and all of yous" for coming too the rescue of these beautiful GDPs. I will transplant and continue journaling… Oh is is okay too transplant after i watered is yesterday morning and during their awake time ?

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I like to put soil in pot and water transplant soil and let set for 24 hrs. That way it will be moist and not to dry. You don’t need to water soil to excess just moisten it up and let set overnight. Transplant and you’re good to go.

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no repins, sorry for the confusion, they are watered every 3/4 days. whether distilled ph level 6.1 or kelp seaweed/molasses ph leveled 6.1