2' x 2.5' x 7' Gorilla Tent


Can I grow 2 plants Hydroponic in a 2’ x 2.5’ x 7’ Gorilla Tent? And What’s the Best LED lighting I should use?


Yes and not sure… don’t run LEDs… :grin:



Why Not LED Light?


I’m old school… really old school… :grin:
I dont see the benefits of running LEDs at the moment… I see alot of good stuff… but I’m going to stick with what I know for now… guaranteed results… :grin:
@dbrn32… can you help a fellow cultivator out… I don’t run LEDs… I say that thay are crap , for now … I’m still looking into them… but I’m still not sure… :grin:


I think LED is the new way to go. And I want to try it. Not sure about the Wats.


When I was 21, I started a Hydro setup with 4’ Floresents. The plants started and grew amasing. But I scewed it up when I had to move. LED is cheep on electric. I want to stay with it. It’s the new tech.


I flower with HPS and use LEDs earlier in veg and seedling phase- I have a little 45w guy for seedlings and very Early growth and a 280w (600w eq) blurple for veg and early flowering stretch. They cover a 2x2 space for me.

Lots of folks on this site will direct you to HLG quantum boards for LED as the best.


Sorry for late reply, I’m just getting caught up.

@Azmov would you be up for building a light?