2 white widows and 1 bubba kush are sick

I have 2 white widows i grew from seed that I ordered through this site . they are veg now for 2 months . All of a sudden they not doing good . Might have watered too much when I watered to run off ? Is that ok? I feed once a week and water in between but only when dry. Did I burn them with nutrients ? Or get a bug or pests . But only these 2 plants are affected.
Also I have a bubba kush that has been looking droopy and hasn’t dried out from the last watering 6 days ago. Did I over water or burn from nutrients

I attached the pictures
Mahalo for your help!

Mold ? Humidity ? Do you have a fan ?

Yes fans on . I think I over watered and it never dried out fast enough. Do you water to run off every time?

No really

Now they are looking better no spots on the leaves or burns but they are yellowish color and canoeing? Anything can do to make the leaves stop canoeing? Thanks again!