: 2 Weeks left, No Tricomes

My plants are 2 weeks from harvest and I have very few tricomes. Everything is right. 81degrees, 35% humidity, co2 is at 1200 ppm and plants are healthy. Lighting is 1750-2000 +watts. Room is 6’x6’x6’. I feed once a week, every other watering following Fox Farm feeding schedule. Getting nice big buds but, no trichs. And I will be lucky if I get 1oz off of my White Widow plants. WTH?

Photos would help us see whats happening.


Yes please, photos, and some more information. Is that advertised watts or true watts?

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No pics…?
Then it never happened… :grin::wink::+1:
Just messing with you… :wink:
Pics and more info will help out big time…
Can you fill out a support ticket and a 1 pic of the whole plant just by itself…?
Only way we will be able to help… :+1:


What are you basing your “two weeks from harvest” on? The trichomes are what determines when your harvest time will be. If you don’t see any, then you need to keep waiting.
And just a few FYIs:
Most breeders advertise how long the flowering period will be, not the total time from seed to harvest. Check to be sure you aren’t misinterpreting what the breeder said.
Those times are under best-world conditions and you can usually count on the actual time being about 2 weeks longer than advertised.
You shouldn’t count flowering time as beginning when you switched your lights, but when the plants are actually flowering.

Definitely upload some photos so we can see what stage your plant is actually at.

Here is the support ticket information. Fill out what information you can. It’s okay if you can’t answer everything.

Seed Strain:
Type(Regular, Feminized, Autoflower):
Medium(soil in pots, DWC, Coco):
Size of container:
Brand/type of nutrients/supplements:
pH of water/solution before feeding:
pH of runoff in reservoir:
EC or PPM of water/solution before feeding:
EC or PPM of runoff in reservoir:
Indoor or Outdoor grow:
Light system(CFL, HID, LED):
Light power(If LED: actual watts, not advertised):
Temperature(Day and Night):
Humidity(Day and Night):
Ventilation system(Yes, No, Size, CFM):