2 weeks into flower with 2 of the girls

It’s been quite the juggling routine the last couple of weeks as our local day went past 12 hours. I’ve been out of room in the grow box for weeks and have been moving plants around daily, but now they’re in their final home. White Widow feminized on the left, 45" tall, started from seed on 3 January. OG Kush on the right, started at the same time.


Another view from close up.


Ya girls look great, keep juggling brother

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I agree with @Nug-bug Looking good :blush:
Oh and welcome to the club @Myfriendis410 I know you’ve been around for a bit but wanted to put it out there bro :+1:

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They are looking really great.

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Thanks, @Countryboyjvd1971 I am having fun with it and it helps me sleep at night. I see a good, respectful and knowledgeable group here. It sets a good tone.

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That’s what it’s all about brother having fun with it
And it rewards you in the end
I try not to get stressed out with it even if I run into problems
Every one has them now and again with their grows
I try to stay calm and think it threw andbif I get stuck I turn to the great group of growers on here
And keep the updates coming and if I can help in any way tag me bro I try to help when possible
Paying it forward :+1::v:CB/John