2 week old seedlings...how far along should my plants be?

2 600 watt gvg full spectrum. 3 weeks old.

Had to Google the lights - sorry for the delay.

Their true wattage is 60w - based on the light description: “consumes only electric 60 watt with 234 LEDS.”

I would be fairly comfortable with you having the light around 18-24” depending on how hot that light runs. You can get each light probably a solid 12-18” but I don’t want to advise you to put the light that close - it may create light burn or heat stress. Two of my lights run way hotter than the rest of my lights, they’re all a bit different.

Just as a heads up, 120 watts may not be enough to flower out more than one plant and not in more than a 2x2 (which may be stretching those lights’ capacity thin). It’s completely fine for vegging (again assuming a 2x2 or perhaps even 2x4, I’d have to consult @dbrn32 for his thoughts on that)

This is the light, right?


Yes this is the light. And thank you so much for your input. Can you give me some light suggestions.


Depends on budget and grow space.

For a 2x2, I’d go with a horticulture Lighting Group (HLG) Diablo Mini (200 watts of real quality diodes)

Code DUDE makes it like $190, and if you happen to be active military or a vet, you can give them a call and get 20% off instead.

For a 2x4, I’d get a KingBrite 240w with UV and Infrared diodes. $135ish plus $36 shipping, around $172 total. It’s a bit longer than the Diablo mini, but is cheap and is great quality. I flowered out a plant under one and ended up around 13 ounces of smokeable bud.

For anything larger, I’d look back at HLG. They offer kits that are DIY and very easy to assemble, like the 320 XL. DUDE makes it something like $372. You can also pick up any of their refurbished lights and use REFURB for 20% off any of them.

If you really need cheap lights, get the KingBrite. You gotta buy it on Alibaba which feels sketchy, but if you use the search function you can find the US stock lights they’ll drop ship for cheap freight (search the word “drop”’in the search bar for their store).

If you need really cheap and can’t be convinced to use Alibaba, the next best thing is going to be this:


I have the SS2000, it’s a fine light but runs real hot so if you already have temp issues, think about one of the other options I showed above. The SS1000, SS2000, or SS4000 are all just fine lights. Not amazing, not awful. Good for their price point but better quality comes from KingBrite and better quality + American made comes from HLG.


I have a 3 x 3 grow room set up , your advice is really appreciated , thanks.

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I think you have this pretty well under control, and good suggestions!

Everything set up and running, humidity 69% and temperature running a little high , how can I lower temp. But keep the humidity up.

What is a little high for temperature?

78 degrees

That’s pretty good actually.

I think im about 5 to 6 weeks into flowering now…nugs are looking quite frosty…and extra sticky. The only problem i can see is that they never grew very tall. I think i may have stunted them early in the veg stage with too much light or too much heat…idk

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They’re looking great!

Short plants is not at all uncommon for a first grow.

Spray it off with a spray bottle more civilised. Ha

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Thanks much @Bud_Wizer! I’ve made it to this point now. Still a learning experience and this is my first grow. Didn’t know what the outcome would be, hence the 2 plants in 1 pot and the small growing area. I’m learning a lot and will be a little better prepared for the next grow.
Also, the daylight is becoming longer each day now and I am fortunate enough to place them in the sun, albeit inside, for about 4 to 5 hours when the sun comes out. My light meter is off the chart when I placed them in the sun.

Anyways, this is where I am now! It’s been a process…learning how to balance the pH, reading their water, nutrients and light needs.

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Do u guys think this is ready to cut

I have 3 plants (nl auto and 2 gsc autos) that are about the same age(just turned two weeks yesterday not counting germination ) and they look just like yours.

Please take a look at our seedling guide if you have any questions about growing seedlings, soils and the proper lighting usage!