2 week old seedlings...how far along should my plants be?


All of these are 2 weeks old today…2 weeks planted that is. If i include germination then they are 2 weeks and 4 days old from the start of germination. Fo they look giod fir that age? Why is the top pic plant doing so much better than the rest? They all have the same set up. Same lights, same soil and same nutrients. This is my first indoor grow so any observations or advice will be appreciated.Thanx for lookn.

Looks like they’re right on schedule to me!
Very similar to the popped beans i buried on the 16th of last month.
I’m looking to repot tonight or tomorrow.

Looking good overall!

Thank u for that. Its very encouraging. I find it strange that one is about 3 times larger tha the other 3. I dont suppose its a bad thing though. How much longer would u let them go before raising ur lights and turning the dimmer up? As in when do they come out of seedling stage and start veg stage?

Most stuff I’ve read say veg officially begins when the third set of true leaves emerges.
There are so many schools of thought on lighting! LOL!

DLI is the current science. It stands for Daily Light Interval.
The first post in this thread here can explain it far better than I can.
There are free apps for both Apple and Android for measuring the values. They get you close enough.
You can also use height and intensity to help control height of the plant. The lower or more intense the light, the less vertical growth. Most people try to find that happy medium between stout and height.

Ur responses have been first class brother…thank u very much for that info and the link. Hope ur grows and ur holiday season turn out great.

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Glad to help man! Everyone here is!
We want to see no plant suffer! Until they’re fat with bud and must die. :joy:

Good Luck!!

Just tag me anytime and I’ll offer whatever help I can, though there are many here who are MUCH better than I am.

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They look fine no need to worry just keep letting th grow

I know this is unsolicited but the light wands are probably not adding much to the plants. How many lights do you have and what are they? Four plants, if you’re looking for a reasonable yield, will take more light than it looks like they’re about to receive.

Not to say you won’t grow some weed the way you’re set up. I just always raise the red flag when I see those light octopi because I know they’re not putting out enough to grow much.

As far as when veg starts, my school of thought (as @Tylersays said, there are many) is once I can take off the kid gloves, it’s in veg. That stage is different for every plant, I think, But generally you can sort of see the heartier ones. As you said, you’ve got one that is notably heartier than the others. That’s the one I’d probably have started treating like “veg” as opposed to “seedling” sooner than the rest. Not that any of that means much. Don’t overwater and feed them when they’re hungry (that becomes easier over time, it sounds simple but I know in practice that’s a muscle memory and not second nature) throughout their life cycle and you’ll end up with somethin’ you can smoke. :v:

Happy growing.


I only put those smaller lights around the plants while they were in seedling stage and up til i took that pic…above them ive had 3 leds goin since i took em out of the humidity dome

…a bloomplus xp4000 (sposed to =800w w/5x 5 grow area) in the center. The 2 on the outside are both lgecons 3200( sposed to =600 w w/ 4x4 gtow area)…so 3 overhead now at about 20" above the canopy at 85%.


I do greatly appreciate ur advice too…i only used those lights because i read that more blue light would help to promote a thicker stalk and strongr root system…i dont know if thats bs or what but i didnt think it would hurt em as long as i had real lighting above. I lookd at em more as a supplemental light. Both brands of my main lights are amazon full spectrum leds but they werent cheap so hopefully they work like they should. I think the nodes are too close togethr for the height.

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You can link them directly here from Amazon - that’ll help us assess them and give guidance as far as things like intensity and distance from the plant.

As far as node spacing goes, I aim to have something like 0.75” between nodes. It’s not a perfect art by any stretch but more than that I find them too tall, much less than 0.5” I find too small and bushy. It’s personal preference largely, bearing in mind tighter spacing can mean greater yields but greater spacing can mean improved airflow and better light penetration. Others may have different opinions but that’s how I approach it (for now- I’m still a new hand at this too.)

You’re not wrong about the wand lights - they’re fine if you’re viewing them as entirely supplemental. Blue spectrums are good for veg - reds better for flower.

These are same plants taken on nov 26th

This one from Dec.1st…

Bloom Plus Latest XP4000 LED Grow Light with Samsung LM301H Diodes 400W Upgraded Dimmable 5x5 ft Coverage Full Spectrum Plant Grow Light for Indoor Plants Seeding Veg Bloom Hydroponic Growing Lamps https://www.amazon.com/dp/B093F9XJSD/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_MNJCCWN5ZDH1SP0NQSZZ?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

LGECON LED Grow Light, LG3200… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B098T3CH4R?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Those r the lights i have…2 of the smallr one…one on eac side of the 1st

How are u able to choose the spacing of ur nodes? Id like to space mine out but i didnt think i had any control over that. Especially now with em already being so close togethr.

Less light. Either raise the light higher up, or lower the intensity.

How often are you watering? They seem … overwatered, perhaps.

Edit: so between those two lights, you’re rocking like 700 watts. That’s a lot to be hammering them with - what % strength do you have them set at?

I just raised the light tnite about 5 or 6". They are all set on 80%. I water a small amount daily but not very much(a 16 oz bottle of distilld water last 2 days) and they are dry when i do. They dry out quickly cuz of all the fans i have goin in there. Tnite i gave the entire pot a little more soaking than normal so that might b why they look overtwtrd. Ive used my koi pond water every 3 days for the past week. Thats whats in the green watering pot on the floor.

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I truly appreciate the time u are spending to answer all these posts. Thats first class of u to do that.

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Oh, yeah you’re clobbering them. No wonder they’re so short. Drop that down to more like 30% and 24-ish inches away. You’ll have a hard time getting height out of them giving them full summer sun all day.

Even better, check out Photone - it’s an app for your phone. It can measure DLI - light intensity for your plants from the canopy. In veg you should be around 25-30ish DLI - any higher than that and you’ll end up with real tight node spacing.

Photone will be the best guide you can get because it can read the lighting you’re actually providing. I can only give rough advice based on what the light specs claim to provide (but may or may not actually).


I will defntly do all of that. Ive already downloaded photone but havnt checkd it in a while.ima go get a reading on a few minutes. Thank u again brotha…this forum is top shelf. Everyone has been so patient and informative

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I just took a par/ppfd reading above each plant and they are all between 440 to 460

I read previously that u want between 200 to 600 par for veg state…i consider mine to be juvenile veg right now. Do u think 450 par is too much…im sure it was over 600 before i raised the lights earlier this evenin.

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