2 week old seedling

Looking for another set of eyes and opinions on what’s up with my 2 week old. I’m growing a Strawberry Cheesecake auto that was a freebie from Seedsman.com along side my Blue Dream auto. The SC grew fast right out of the gate, the last couple days I noticed the leaves start to drop, and a couple yellow/brown tips. I have a 24x48x60 grow tent, 2-1000w LED, humidifier, space heater, fan, and inline exhaust with carbon filter. They are in 3g fabric pots with FFOF soil. No Nutes added. The temps in the room got a little warm and humid and I think my lights were a little low at first. I think that was the issue, so I lowered the temps, and raised the lights, should I lower the humidity? Sometimes it can get to 70+%… I won’t know for a few days if what I did helped, so in the meantime anyone have a similar experience with a 2w old?image image image image

Hi Marty, welcome.

How warm did the temp get? Also, how often and how much are you watering?

Thank you! I’m excited to get growin :slight_smile:

With the humidifier on and the space heater kicking on at the same time I would see it spike to 88*f and then back to mid 70’s… the photo of the Blue Dream was from today after I lowered the temps and humidity. Oh have I mentioned this is my first grow LOL. Also I had a brain lapse and watered them with tap water once, but I checked the PH and it’s only 7.5 could it have been from that already? I water maybe every 2-3 days when the pots feel light. I have them sitting on a wire tray that keeps them from sitting directly on the floor of the tent so they can totally drain.

I would definitely say it’s the spike in temp. That’s very hot. I wouldn’t worry cause they look good, but make sure it never get above 80F. Preferably stays 77F and below.

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Thank you !

Welcome to the forum good luck on your grow

The temp spike didn’t help but the ph is too high at 7.5.
Should be closer to 6.5-6.8 for ffof. :wink::v:

Thanks, yeah that tap water was a mistake, it was a long story but my PH pen I don’t think I was using it right at first, it would slow around 7.5 and then slowly 1 tick at a time go down into the 6.5 range and I figured maybe I’m lucky and my tap water is the perfect PH for growing… not the case. So I recalibrated the PH pen and I’m lowering it before watering now.


Sounds like ph is good. Phew!

Update, they are looking much better, thanks!

But I’m wondering now if my lights might be too low, it’s my first grow but they seem to be awfully short plants so far…

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How high do you have lights above plants.

they are right at 18” above the tops of the plants, is it better to have shorter plants? I know too high makes some stretch out and stems get weak, but is there a downside to short plants? And when would you LST an auto flower? Or would you not? Thank you for your feedback, very much appreciated!

You could raise light to 24 inches. Usually I don’t start LST until plant has 5 nodes. Just don’t wait to late to start LST, with autos it’s hard to predict when they will start flowering.

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