2 week old seedling, browning lower leafs

I have some purple kush in fox farm happy frog soil. Have just been watering once every 3-4 days when cup is very light. Added no nutes or anything. Water and light is all they’re getting. Why is this girl having leafs turn brown? Is the soil too rich with nutrients?

Need bigger pots and that will solve most of your issues.

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Agree. Bigger pots and better drainage. Looks like your soil is too wet but the bigger pot will help with that. FF soil is rich but as long as you’re not adding anything yet, the soil is doing what it’s supposed to do. Good luck!

@Hellraiser I’ve been following your methods so far for my young seedlings. Checking/watering every 4 days if they need it, about 3-4oz till a little run off. Ph every feeding at 6.5. using a mars hydro led light at 24 inches, following manufacturer specs. Fox farm HF soil and nothing else added to the red Solo cups except the seeds. Small fan on low for some breeze to strengthen the stems.

Two weeks old now, growing well and for the most part look happy and healthy, but noticing some browning going on. New growth looks okay for now… But noticed one other plant in the tent is now starting to get some brown splotches today.

Could this be happening from water getting on the leafs during feeding? Do I need to transplant to a bigger pot this early in their life? Or do I have a more serious issue going on?

@Hellraiser I’m also running lights 24hrs for this grow. Any ideas what might be going on? Plants have been left alone since put into soil, fed plain water about every 4-5 days.

What is going on?

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If you are doing a solo cup challenge then you need to feed them since there is very few nutrients in a cup full of soil.

When someone declares that soil will last 3-4 weeks before feeding they are 100% wrong if they aren’t taking the size of the pot into consideration. A little cup only has a few weeks of nutrients available, a 7 gallon pot has at closer to two months of nutrients available.

Like I said before, you need to repot them unless you are doing the solo cup challenge. The challenge is to figure out how to feed them to keep them thriving.

Hey @CMichGrower thanks for your advice!

I am following the exact growing method that @Hellraiser is doing in his grow journal. Following every thing as exactly as a I can besides having the same tent and lighting.

If you’ve seen his journal you’ll see he keeps his plants in a solo cup for 3 weeks at least. Pretty sure. You’re bio says you’re brand new to growing so please don’t take offense if I look for further information from experienced members.

My bio does not say I’m a new grower, I have more then 12 years experience.

Do what you want.

Well it definitely did when I last checked after your first post.

Scratch that, mixed you up with another commenter. My mistake

I’m only trying to help you save your plant. Can we reason this out together?

Can we agree that your plant has an issue and that you would like to take corrective action that will save your plant?

Can we agree that pot plants rely on water, nutrients, lights and acceptable environmental conditions (temperature and humidity) to grow, and getting those factors in balance will improve your grow?

You didn’t say anything about environmental issues or lighting issues, so that leaves either a watering issue or a nutrient issue. Can we agree on that? Either a watering or nutrient issue.

So now that’s it’s narrowed down can I assume you would like to take the most direct course to correcting your problem? Now the only problem that you/us (this forum) have is to diagnose the problem so that you take the correct action as soon as possible. Making the wrong decision such as feeding it when it doesn’t need feeding or watering when it doesn’t need watering will only make it worse. Do you agree?

Are you with me this far? You can spend time trying to figure out what is wrong in hopes that you can reverse course as soon as possible, but if you are wrong…

Or, you can repot. Repotting takes care of any nutrient problems you may have, and the bigger the pot, the harder it is to water improperly.

A general rule of thumb is that when the leaves reach out beyond the bounds of the pot it is time to repot. What works for one grower (hell raiser) may not work for another grower, we are all as different as the seeds we grow.

I suggested you get your plants repotted as soon as possible to take corrective action as soon as possible. Get the plants out of the cups with the rootball as intact as possible. Repot it in a bigger pot, give it a good soaking, leave it alone until the pot almost dries out, and your plant will be looking a lot better in a weeks time. Nothing corrects the damage already done, but the new growth will look a lot better.

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Agreed the plants have an issue that I need to correct asap.

Agreed the plants rely on the basic requirements of water light nutes etc.

Agreed all those things need to be balanced

Yes didn’t Say anything about environment because I have 3 meters all giving me a temps at about 22 C and RH at around 40-50. Which I think is good for the plants. Correct me if I’m wrong.

A correct diagnosis is what I am definitely after. I came here during my first grow for advice and I took advice from too many different people, some of which ended up being bad/wrong advice.

I have made major errors with over/under watering my first grow and learned my lesson. So, I believe I am now capable of knowing when the correct time to feed my plants is. I determine if the plants need water by checking if the cup feels as light as it did before I gave them their first watering. I swing it a little back and forth to see if I can feel any water weight moving back and forth. Totally agree messing up watering with royally ruin your yields.

I had just finished repotting my young plants before I saw this detailed response from yourself. Transplanting went perfectly. Added some mykos to help establish new root growth after the transplant shock the plants may experience.

I appreciate you taking the time to write all of this out to help a newbie on my second grow.

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What kind of light and how high from plants, they look a bit light stressed. Yeah the browning could be from getting water on the leaves but more concerning is the lighter areas on the upper leaves.

See how they do with the transplant and see if they perk up some.

@Hellraiser mars hydro tsw2000 led. True 300w +/- 5% . At about 25in from the plants tops.

Running full wattage?

Began at 30% but turned it to 50% 1 week after breaking ground. Are there any recommendations I can follow on this?

I’d put it back at 30%, stressing them with a bit too much LED light, causes those lighter color parts between the veins on the upper leaves.

With that light I’d run 30% for first month, then 40% for a couple weeks, then 50% for a couple weeks, small increases so plant can acclimate to it. I’d stay at 50-60% power in veg and save the higher watts for flowering, also increasing a bit at a time.

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