2 Week old Fem White Widow Concerns

Just wanted some expert advice on whether or not my plants are doing ok or if there is still a problem. They are 2 weeks since germination. I believe I ran into a problem earlier down the line not using a ph-balanced tap. Since I’ve only used distilled. Still, no nutes and used a foxfarm medium. The yellow discoloration began early and stopped for almost all my other plants EXCEPT this white widow. The yellowing is beginning on the newer nodes now. Should I be worried?

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No. Chlorophyll will eventually catch up in the new growth and fill in green.


Thanks brother. Also, when is a good time to start giving small amounts of nutes?

Fox Farm soils have enough nutes to last the plant for 4 to 6 weeks. Measure runoff PPM and begin feeding when runoff PPM dips below 1,000.

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What @MidwestGuy said. :point_up_2:
He knows stuff.

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Have you gotten a PH measuring device?

I do but I’ve only used distilled. Just ordered the thing to measure runoff :roll_eyes:

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@LetitGrow826 if you are just using distilled water you can go ahead and start feeding about 3 ml of cal mag.

Just ordered right now thanks!