2 week old Clones Slurty3 and Gush Mintz

Hello there boys and girls! This is going to be a small journal to see the progress of my grow.

  • 2x4x5 grow tent
  • Mars Hydro TSL 2000
  • Taotronics Humidifer
  • Dehumidifer by some Amazon Company
  • Govee Hygrometer
  • 3 Small fans. 1 oscillating.
  • Carbon Exhaust Filter
  • 4 in exhaust fan
  • 4 in intake fan.

These babies are Slurty3 and Gush Mintz from Purple City genetics in Oakland, Ca.

April 04, 2021

April 19, 2021

And below are the normal temps in my grow tent.

We can learn something new everyday so any tips and tricks are greatly appreciated.

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