2 week old baby advise

Hello everyone I present you my 2 week old baby. I noticed some leafs curling up and I’m worrying a lil, As I like it to be happy. I’m wondering what is she not liking?
This is my first grow and I’m growing in super soil. What’s your opinion on adding nutes(floraseries)? Is it worth it? Was not going to use any, but I want to get the most out of this plant as I dont like to settle for average. Also do you recommend LST? Was recommended not to, do to the fast life cycle of the autoflower. Looking forward for your replies.
Thank you my fellow Stonies!!
Gorilla Glue Auto
Mars hydro ts 600 24” distance
7ph(questionable cheap meter)

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I will let the super soil growers guide you on the nutrients. It’s not something I use, but my understanding is that adding synthetic nutrients to it defeats purpose of the soil. I think your plants look pretty good.

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