2 week old autoflower


This is my first grow with autoflowers,
Strain- super skunk autoflower (from ILGM)
Soil- MG potting mix
Container- 3 gallon black plastic
Light- 6-10w full spectrum cfl
Light cycle- 20-4
Light distance- 3" from of plant
Water- oxygenated smart water
Nutrients- NONE
Air- Grow bro co2 generator
Age-14 days from germination


Looks great to me, nice for 2 weeks

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She looks great and really healthy! Good work!

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It was actually transplanted at a week old because after germinating it i placed it in a small pot as my germination instructions said. But with the help if this forum i was able to realize it needed to be in its permanent pot. Glad i caught it in time

What is a grow bro co2 generator ? Do it apply co2 to the grow room ? How much it cost ? Do it work efficiently ?

Yoshi- you can purchase the grow bro co2 generator from ebay or amazon. It runs about $35. I have mine in my 2’x5’x5’ grow cabinet and seems to be doing great! This is my first run with this co2 generator but im very pleased especially for the price

Okay thanks , grow bro co2 generator ? Do it cover a full grow time ? I used the water , sugar , yeast generator and I’m thinking it’s working , but wanted something more sufficient and less maintence , and space consuming . Where I can run like tube through vent hole and apply instead of sitting inside the tent to generate .

Yoshi-it is a refillable generator, it runs efficient for up to 90 days before it needs refilled. The refills come in 3 packs and cost about $20 they also can be purchased on ebay or amazon. Yes it can also be placed outside of your grow chamber and tubed in. It comes with the hardware to tube it in. It also works maintenance free for up to 90 days but I refill mine after 80days so i know its operating at its full potential

Awesome , thank you . Will look it up and place an order . Also considering the Titan controls day and night with co2 measurement reader , hopefully it will control the grow tent , keep temps , humidity , and co2 regulated , and air flow . That will give me a more assurance that everything is being controlled and at the right measurements in the grow . In vegging it was pretty easy with just the blue &a white lights on , because everything stayed pretty consistent , but when I made the switch and went into full spectrum on both switches I had to adjust a few things , and hook up exhaust fans , and duct fan to try and control the temps because it spiked ah little high . But after the 6 week in flowering I’m considering adjusting the blue & white lower and run more of the red and uv spectrum to help with flowering and resin productions , not knowing if that will make a difference or just leave both switches to full spectrum . Running the blue by itself in veg help tremendously , so I wondering in the late flower weeks if just the red will be better .

Yoshi- Im no expert this is actually my first indoor grow. I’m just passing info from what I’ve learned from reading, research and my own experience. From what I’ve learned thus far the blue spectrum of light is best from germination thru the vegetation stage, The red spectrum of light is best for the flowering stage. I recently have read that for the flowering stage LED lights with 6-8 bands produces better yeilds than just the single red band of light. It also say that lights with more than 6-8bands is kinda overkill and can actually work against eachother. If your growing autoflower plants like i am i dont think the red spectrum is required to induce flowering. As long as its recieving the proper light it pretty much grows itself. Mines just started as you can see so i guess i will see if this info is correct. Im running 2 different systems. One autoflower and one feminized

This is the beginning of flowering in my feminized system. This pic taken thru jewelers loop

Full spectrum or just red ? I have them on full spectrum and has since Thursday when I made the switch , but was wondering if the red by itself would do in flowering like the blue and white does by they self in vegging ?

I haven’t made it to the 50/50 mix feed yet , that’s this week when feeding schedule is due . Plus with all this rain , I’m considering garrigan62 method with the ph rain water . Got 10 gallons to utilized the rest of the grow , but will keep collecting if the results are proving .

Looks good. Did you add any Perlite to the soil? I only ask because it doesnt look like you did. It is typically recommended to add anywhere from 20-30% Perlite to help aerate the soil and help with drainage and moisture retention which I believe is important to healthy root development. But I only have 3 auto grows under my belt, so Im no expert.

PaulieWalnuts- no actually i never added anything to the soil. Its just pure MG potting mix. This is actually my first ever indoor grow and my first go at an autoflower period. I have other autoflower seeds left. Im growing them one at a time so i can use each grow to help better my growing knowledge. Thanks for the advice, i will try the 20-30%perlite on the next one that im about to start in the next few days

Are the ilgm autoflower seeds expected to be all female?



rcknrog11- yes all autoflowers from ilgm is feminized. Might i also add that the genetics and quality are amazing! I grow only ilgm seeds

Ok… This is the same girl…25 days old… Like i said this is my first ever autoflower. I feel like this plant should be a little more advanced? Am i doing something wrong? It looks healthy…